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Australian Grand Prix 2020 Event Called Off Due To COVID-19

Officially the Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled because of COVID-19, and F1 has offered refunds through Ticketmaster. You can still use the credit of the race in Melbourne at a later time, or it will be refunded to your credit or debit card. If you used cash or EFTPOS, then you will need to make your way to a Ticketmaster outlet and communicate with them for a refund.

Even though this sounds scary, don’t panic. There are still a few handfuls of racers from other countries who are trying to postpone the parts of the match. Some of them have already decided to hold the event but limit it to a set niche of people and have viewership online. So, we’ll give you a quick update about the Australian Grand Prix 2020.

Australian Grand Prix 2020 event Called Off Amid Coronavirus Fears

Due to how fast the COVID-19 virus spreads, the company had no choice but to go into a state of emergency and cancel the contest. With the CDC and The race in Melbourne limiting activities to less than 50 people at a time, significant events like these were sooner or later to be shut down.

With people travelling from multiple countries and all over the world, there was a big concern. To avoid COVID-19 widespread, it was first decided to postpone the event. After a bit of deliberation between the Australian government, it was chosen to close the race for this year.

McLaren Team Member Returns Positive COVID-19 Test

One of the major factors that have led the government and coordinators to close the event is that McLaren, who is a team member, ended up travelling and returning positive with the COVID-19 virus.

To prevent any further widespread, the committee thought it is best for people to stay home and don’t risk spreading the virus around the community. With speed it travels, this was a smart move on the Australian government.

Updated Formula 1 Calendar

If you want to be updated with the F1 news for each race, then we highly suggest popping onto the website. It gives you highlights of races and updated information on which tracks are postponed due to the F1 coronavirus Melbourne outbreak.

They also do their best to give instant updates for any cancelled events or ones that are still going. If you’re looking for full details about any of the races that fall under the F1, then you can easily keep up with each competition across Europe.

Recently, the F1 season representatives stated that the Australian Grand Prix has been cancelled. While others on the line up are postponed, the Australian one is definitely not coming back this year. The formula 1 Rolex has taken time to deliberate and has decided that Australia needs to limit coronavirus pandemic from spreading in their communities.

Formula 1, Otherwise Known As The Collective

For those who are still a bit confused, “F1” stands as a collective group that governs racing. They are also known as FIA – Federation Internationale de L’Automobile or, the International Automobile Federation. This body is known as a formula to show that they come together to create a set of rules.

They create a set of rules to help regulate participating cars and drivers. They are known as the highest order for racing, and any decision or rule set by them will have legal precautions. That’s why every racing contest must check back with the F1 coronavirus news.


As the world heads into an unknown panic about the COVID-19 virus outbreak, we’re doing our best to keep the world going. With so many sports, especially racing, making millions of dollars, none of us wants to see a total shut down next year.

To help keep Australia up, we highly suggest holding onto your tickets and hope that next year, there will be enough funds to support your local drivers. Keep checking in with the F1 website to see if any changes have been made. Some races are being switched towards online viewing, so it may not be too late to participate from home.

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