MAX FORCE RACING 2019: All You Need To Know

Familiarize yourself with a championship for stock cars taking place in the USA – ARCA Racing. This is the main contest organized by the Automobile Racing Club.

Max Force Racing History

ARCA's first division is a minor but proficient stock car league. Perhaps, it is three levels below the top category which is the MonsterEnergy NASCAR Cup Series and two levels below the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Originally the contest took place in Daytona. 1964 was a special year for this championship. Initially, the series was called MARC after Midwest Racing Association but later the name was changed to the contemporary one.

The category of races varies. The contestants can participate either on land tracks or huge ovals. It is one of the previous chief categories in oval races where they still compete on dirt tracks. In 2008 the category went back to competing in street circuits.

Max Force Racing team

One of the most popular teams of the contest is Max Force Racing and its patriarch Thomas Praytor. He is famous for putting the Mobile, Alabama drive in an exceptional place heading in the direction to Daytona.

During the first couple of years, the Max Force Racing team competed under the supervision of long-term ARCA moto owner Wayne Hixson. However, later they broke off completely on their own. The Max Force Racing team was not left out by the pains of growth.

Nowadays the Max Force Racing team is trained much better. They’ve also got a great impetus of a very rock-hard run at Daytona at the beginning of the year when the outstanding team finished 14th on the lead lap.

Last year was a year for preparation for something awesome. In 2019 Max Force Racing team is going to perform with seven moto cars ready to go. The beginning of the season must be fascinating.


To watch the action with your own eyes, you need to purchase tickets beforehand. But you have to be assured they are 100% genuine tickets. We only deal with venues and dependable dealers and suppliers, so you can be confident you will surely watch the great performance of your favorite team Max Force Racing.

Max Force Racing Betting Options

The number of people who bet on the ARCA is increasing. Since the event combines all the characteristic elements of a typical racing, it turns to be a great choice for beginners in bets. Another feature of the wagering, which will appeal to sports fans, is that it is suitable for ambitious gamblers with any level of knowledge and training.

If the bettor wants to earn real money, it is better to lay a bet for a winner. Obviously, you also need to learn information about players in ARCA and teams participating in competitions, like Max Force Racing team. Therefore, you should not wager on a team, if you do not have complete information about the contestants.

Moreover, it is quite possible that in the final part of the championship the bookmaker will add new events for wagering. There are prerequisites for this because the gaming is in demand among high rollers as well as newcomers and gamblers.


The Max Force Racing team does their best to be a front-runner of ARCA racing Series, so this team is worth to lay a bet on. Due to this popularity, bookmakers began to accept bets on the tournaments. The number of people who want to make money in this way is growing every day.

Moreover, Tommy Praytor in his last interview said that they are preparing cars for the test in January, and return to the track in 2019 ARCA Racing series will be awesome!