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Spanish Grand Prix: Overview

The Spanish Grand Prix is an auto race event sanctioned by the FIA. It is held at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. It is one of the oldest race events in the world, dating back to 1913 when it started as a production car race. Due to its popularity, a permanent track was built to host the 1923 Grand Prix. Over the years, many world catastrophes like the First World War and the Spanish Civil War brought significant interruptions to these races. But over time, this location has maintained its hunger for race events. Before discussing the Spanish Grand Prix start time or the Spanish Grand Prix qualifying stages, let’s have a look at the track.

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Circuit de Catalunya

Before 2013, the motorsport race track was called Circuit de Catalunya, but later on, the name was changed to Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. It is considered an all-rounder track. This Spanish Grand Prix circuit consists of long straights and different types of corners. It is also a popular testing venue since it has various elevation changes, long straights, and fast/slow corners. This site hosts many Motorcycle Grand Prix events as well. In 2002, the spectator facilities were strengthened after the opening of a grandstand that has a capacity of 9500.

Circuit de Catalunya

This circuit heavily tests the aerodynamics of a car. Additionally, the wind direction is also subjected to change dramatically throughout the race and adds extra pressure on the aerodynamics of the vehicles. Many crashes have taken place due to the changing wind conditions. While testing in 2015, Fernando Alonso suffered an accident that was partly due to the severity of the wind. The varying conditions at this location make it one of the hardest circuits to drive at, and teams end up giving unexpected performances.

There is a total of five turns where drivers mostly overtake. These are turn 1, 2, 4, 10, and 14. Turn 9, for example, is a fast corner which is made even more difficult since its apex is almost invisible to a driver. The straight between turn 12 and turn 13 is designed by a German engineer to ensure the speeds are lowered and overtaking is made easier and safer. Good traction is the key to this track. A given tire compound may work at the time of testing, but due to changing conditions, it may come apart at a later date.

Spanish Grand Prix Schedule and Timetable

The F1 Spanish Grand Prix took place between 8th and 10th May 2020. The first two days were held for practice sessions. Drivers participated in 2 one-and-a-half-hour practice sessions. Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes won the first two practice sessions, and Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes won the third. The Spanish Grand Prix qualifying round was yet again won by Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes.

The Spanish Grand Prix start time was fixed at 1500hrs local time on the 12th of May, Sunday. With two out of three practice sessions won by Valtteri Bottas, he was predicted to won the race as well. But the Spanish Grand Prix results saw Lewis Hamilton winning again while Valtteri Bottas came second, and Max Verstappen of Red Bull Racing Honda — the third. The Mercedes team clinched the first two spots. Hamilton lauded 2020 as his best year after securing the top spot.

F1 Spanish Grand Prix: Drivers and Teams

The latest edition of Formula 1 saw many technical changes being applied to the aerodynamics of the cars. The cars were enabled to reach speeds over 350kmph continually on the Spanish circuit straights. All the teams welcomed the change as it addressed the problem of overtaking significantly, by over 20 percent. Drivers can complete the laps faster and take over with relative ease, reducing lap time by three to five seconds. This can be the difference between a podium finish and a fourth position.

Another change has been the restriction on the number of teams that are allowed to keep the same line-up. For all the changes related to technical and sporting regulations, click here.

The list of the drivers and the teams participating in the Spanish Grand Prix 2020 are as follows:

  • Antonia Giovinazzi of Italy drove for the team Alfa Romeo
  • Kimi Raikkonen of Finland drove for the team Alfa Romeo
  • Charles Leclerc of Monaco drove for the team Ferrari
  • Sebastian Vettel of Germany drove for the team Ferrari
  • Romian Gorsjean of France drove for the team Haas
  • Kevin Magnussen of Denmark drove for the team Haas
  • Lando Norris of Great Britain drove for the team McLaren
  • Carlos Sainz of Spain drove for the team McLaren
  • Valterri Bottas of Finland drove for the team Mercedes
  • Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain drove for the team Mercedes
  • Sergio Perez of Mexico drove for the team Racing Point
  • Lance Stroll of Canada drove for the team Racing Point
  • Pierre Gasly of France drove for the team Red Bull
  • Max Verstappen of Netherlands drove for the team Red Bull
  • Nico Hulkenberg of Germany drove for the team Renault
  • Daniel Ricciardo of Australia drove for the team Renault
  • Alexander Albon of Thailand drove for the team Toro Rosso
  • Daniil Kvyat of Russia drove for the team Toro Rosso
  • Robert Kubica of Poland drove for the team Williams
  • George Russell of Great Britain drove for the team Williams

Spanish GP Betting

The Spanish Grand Prix winners of 2020 had a tough race to win. But most bookies and punters do take note of the betting odds to get a better estimation of their winning chances. A few tips are to be kept in mind while betting. Firstly, the current form of the drivers and the teams are worth knowing. There is a high chance that the driver-team duo that has been winning on a regular basis will be the safest betting option.

Secondly, the circuit itself is to be considered. The F1 Spanish Grand Prix track is unlike any other with its own unique set of challenges that make it harder for teams to maintain their winning streaks. Due to vastly varying weather conditions, the cars aerodynamics are greatly tested, as it is a reason why the drivers and the teams may deliver unexpected performances.

Another thing to note is the different types of categories that you may bet on. After the straight-up winner category, a driver vs. driver category is the most betted category. Top rivals are pegged against each other, for instance, Verstappen vs. Hamilton, and the punter is to bet on the driver who is going to finish in a higher position. The bookie can also match drivers from a lower category.

The category of the fastest lap can also be betted on. The odds of betting on a winner in this category are highly unpredictable since any driver can get the quickest lap regardless of their form. All it takes is one fast lap to seal the deal.

These tips are sure to get you covered on the basics of betting and the research that you are required to do.

Betting Odds

The past few races mainly dictated the odds of this year’s race as well. With all the previous races being won by Mercedes, finishing first and second in every single contest, the odds of Mercedes winning were priced as 4/9 favorite. The odds of winning at the start of the race were at +130 for Hamilton, +200 for Bottas, +400 for Vettel and Leclerc, and +1600 for Verstappen. The Spanish Grand Prix f1 saw Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen take the podium finishes, in that order.

For those who betted on driver vs. driver for Hamilton vs. Verstappen, Hamilton came out on top. Hamilton was also expected to be the fastest in the first practice on Friday, with 7/4 odds, but it was Bottas who came out on top. However, on the race day, Hamilton managed the fastest circuit surprisingly on his 54th lap. Kimi Raikkonen was predicted to finish in the top 6 with 9/4 odds, but he only managed a 14th position for Alfa Romeo.

The Spanish Grand Prix f1 was a hard-fought battle that saw Lewis Hamilton emerge on top yet again. This has, by far, been the best season for Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton and will be looking to extend this lead in the upcoming races. The challenges of varying wind conditions and hard corners of the Spanish circuit were well met by Mercedes and Red Bull Racing Honda to get podium finishes.

In hindsight, betting on Verstappen was the best betting option to get a podium finish, while Hamilton was the safest. As the 2020 season unfolds, a clear pattern is being formed that punters and bookies alike will be eager to take advantage. Most wins are going in favour of the team and the drivers that have won in previous years. It will be a surprise if winners of upcoming races are not from the big three of F1, namely Mercedes, Ferrari, and Red Bull Racing Honda.

Spanish Grand Prix Live Stream

All the races due to start in May 2019 are restricted only to Movistar, a Spanish broadcaster. There arise questions as to what alternatives are available for viewing the Circuit De Catalunya. Watching Spanish Grand Prix on TV is quite easy!

For the cyberspace, viewers do not have to worry since the restriction is minimal from international broadcasters that come aboard each year for televising the sporting event. Watching any sports coverage, as the Spanish GP live, should not present much of a problem.

The main issue arises when you want to travel to Barcelona, either for the race or any other reason, and wish to remain informed on the happenings of the sporting event. This is because hotels mostly shift their frequencies to match the requirement of Movistar to meet the demands of customers who wish to watch it from a recreational setting like the pub or hotel lobby.

In this case, to get the full Spanish Grand Prix TV coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix like the overall winner, best teams, lap times, and results, listing from other online and offline sources, can be of great help. The Spanish Grand Prix can be watched online as well.

North America

If you reside in the US or Canada, then the best place to view the Spanish Grand Prix live stream Prix races is via Univision Deportes. If you are a resident of the UK, you can watch the airing on Channel 4; Spanish Grand Prix Channel 4 will be broadcasting ten of these races. Alternatively, if you are from down under, you can tune your antennas to Network Ten; this channel will show you the happenings at Circuit De Cataluna and nine other Grand Prix races.


Some other channels include Brazilian Rede Globo, Netherlands Veronica channel (for highlights of the Spanish Grand Prix stream), and Germany’s RTL. You can also head to Fox Sports 3 (Latin America) if you wish to gain some comprehensive coverage of the Spanish Grand Prix. For Italians, the Spanish Grand Prix can be viewed either on Rai 1 or Rai 2.

You need to remember that all the coverage can be accessed easily via the Spanish GP live stream option of the Circuit De Cataluna highlights on your smartphone or tablet devices. You can make use of the services of a respectable bookie as well if you wish to lay down some bets. This will keep you ready to bet and be entertained as well.