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Japanese Grand Prix 2024

Motor racing is a popular sport in the world, and nothing can compete with the thrill and excitement that Formula 1 betting offers. Originating in the United Kingdom, the sport has taken the entire world by storm. From Vettel to Fangio and Schumacher to Hamilton, racing doesn’t get any better than this. Japan is one of the most spectacular, exciting, and beautiful countries in the world that host Formula 1 events, popularly known as the Japanese Grand Prix.

The country and the sports are a combination made in heaven and a holiday of a lifetime. Also, Japan happens to be home to one of the most popular and celebrated Formula 1 tracks, famously known as the Suzuka circuit. Formula 1 racing will be held in Japan this year (2024), and if you are a sports fan and bettor, you should start preparing yourself in terms of placing wagers.

This article will help you understand various things about the race, including the Japanese Grand Prix start time UK, the highlights, results, and news, to mention a few. So keep reading to find out more.

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Japanese Grand Prix Start Time UK

The Formula 1 Japanese Grand Prix practice one and two will take place on 5th Friday, April 2024. The qualifying Formula 1 race will occur on 6th Sunday, April 2024. The start time for the race is 02:00 GMT.

If you have been wondering what time does Japanese Grand Prix start, then you now have a solution to that. Knowing the start time is important since you will know when to place your bets and possibly livestream the event either through your online betting site or television.

Japanese Grand Prix Schedule

The Japanese Grand Prix is often held towards the end of the year when the title race contest is at its peak. The event happens to attract plenty of car upgrades from each team. Since the layout of the track is quite challenging with sweeping corners and fewer run-off areas, the setup process for this Grand Prix is often regarded as very challenging. The schedule of the 2024 event is in such a way that it will take place on 05 – 07 April.

Japanese GP Betting 2024

The F1 Japan race is one of the major motorsport events in the world. Both the punters and fans of the sport pay close attention while following the news and any other activities revolving around the event. Many sportsbooks in the UK and other parts of the world allow their customers to place bets on the event.

Some of them even offer generous bonuses and promotions during the event for their customers to take advantage of. As a punter, you can place lots of bets and make regular profits if you have the right strategies and tips. On a reputable online betting platform, you will find plenty of betting options to place bets on.

There’re long-term markets for constructors and drivers championships across the season. The main types of bets that you can place on the F1 Grand Prix Japan include:

  • Prop Bets: Also known as a side bet, a prop bet is a betting market that does not necessarily have any effect on the results. A prop bet involves popular options like the fastest lap and qualifier.
  • The Fastest Qualifier: In any motor racing, there’s a series of qualifying races that determine the competitor that will start in the front grid when the real race starts. Many punters and sportsbooks refer to this type of bet as pole position wager. As a punter, your job is to access all the conditions, including the potential that the fastest cars have, and then place your amount of choice on the name of the driver that you think will qualify within the fastest time.
  • Top Six Finish: The top six finish is one of the easiest wagers that you can place during the event. All that you need to do as a punter is to choose whether you think a given driver will finish inside the top six or not. Since this bet is one of the easiest out there, the odds are smaller than those of other markets. A massively priced rider or driver may have very little chance of winning in the top six.
  • Winning Margin: The winning margin wager requires you to stake on the time between the second-placed driver and the winner of the race. This can be a matter of a few microseconds up to a few minutes. Bookmakers that offer this type of wager will list various options, and it is up to you to decide the parameters that you think the winning margin will settle in and then place your bet accordingly.
  • Head to Head Winner/Driver Match-Ups: A driver match up/head-to-head winner bet typically takes two drivers in a motor race, and your task is to pick one of them that will have a higher placed finish. The bet has been growing in popularity among punters, with Marc Marquez and Lewis Hamilton dominating the straight results markets.

Suzuka Circuit

Suzuka Circuit

On F1’s return to Japan in the year 1987, the Grand Prix found a brand-new venue at the revamped and redesigned Suzuka Circuit. Set inside a funfair, the venue was designed by John Hungenholtz, and it is owned and managed by Honda.

The venue held the first event in 1989, where it immediately saw a World Title decided. Currently, it is home to the Japan Grand Prix, and it is popular among fans, drivers, and sports bettors.

F1 Qualifying Japan

The Japanese 2024 Grand Prix will consist of 53 laps. Each of these laps is 5.8 KM or 3.6 miles. The total race features 307 KM or 191 miles. In the duration of the lap, every driver has a total of 18 corners to contend with.

Drivers must compete in the practice race in order to qualify for the final competition. The practice is the first competitive level, and in most cases, it draws a huge crowd when it comes to supporting and betting on the sport.

Japanese Grand Prix Highlights

The Suzuka Circuit is the main venue of the Japanese Grand Prix. It is located in the south-west of Nagoya, one of the largest cities in Japan. The Japanese Grand Prix is so special, and the fans are what makes the event unique.

They turn out in a massive number, ready to support their favorite teams. The Suzuka Circuit has various elevation drop downs and corners that drivers must beat to be successful in the race. Some of the features that make the Japanese Grand Prix unique include the bridges, the 130 R corner, and the famous chicane. The race distance is 307.471, and the total laps are 53.

Who Won the Japanese Grand Prix?

Michael Schumacher is the leading winner of the Japanese Grand Prix. He has a total of six wins to his name. Lewis Hamilton is the second winner with four titles. If he participates in the competition in 2024 and wins the race, he will be one step behind Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton has won a total of 4 Japanese Grand Prix competitions, with Nico Rosberg preventing him from winning five in a row in the year 2016. McLaren won the race in 2011, while Sebastian won the title in 2019. Lewis Hamilton was the winner in 2020.

Japanese Grand Prix Results

The history of the Japanese Grand Prix results is not only storied but also unparalleled. It spans the whole world, and there are only 20 titles. Mercedes and Red Bull have been dominating this competition since 1990, with different drivers winning the titles. Since 2010, Mercedes has won a total of seven while Red Bull has won four times.

F1 Japan News

In the news section, you will find all the latest news from across the world of motorsport. Every Formula 1 Grand Prix will be fully previewed, and you will find some betting tips on race results as well other popular markets like fastest lap and pole position.

The news coverage will extend to MotoGP, NASCAR, and other racing disciplines as we aim to provide our visitors with one of the most extensive sites for motorsports betting. Keep checking back for more information and betting tips about the F1 Japanese Grand Prix.

Japanese Grand Prix 2024
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