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Overview of Austrian Grand Prix

The Austrian Grand Prix that’s one of that iconic motorsport races in Europe that made it a return to Formula One in 2014. That first Austrian Grand Prix start time was in 1963. However, it has not been a regular feature in a racing calendar, as there were extended spells in these 1960s and 1990s when that event was not held. After last taking part in 2003, this Austrian Grand Prix location made its return in 2020. Where is the Austrian Grand Prix held? It’s held and a Red Bull Ring, which was a destination of that event during its last stint around that turn of that century.

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Red Bull Ring

Red Bull Ring

The Red Bull Ring has been that location of an event for a large part of its history. Initially, it was used as that Österreichring from 1970 to 1987. A track was later renamed as that A1-Ring to host this event is from 1997 to 2003. After several reconstruction works, this track returned this Formula One schedule as that Red Bull Ring in 2011. After initially hosting these DTM and F2 races, this return of that pinnacle of motorsport happened in 2014.

The current configuration of this track is 4.318 km in length with 10 turns. This’s not different from this configuration employed in a guise of that A1-Ring, which was known for its high-speed bends. That only difference in this current version that’s this exit of turn one that has been modified in such a way that delivers cannot run wide to gain that upper hand in these lap times.

Kimi Raikkonen holds that lap record of 1:06.957. This track happens to be quite a favorite amongst drivers like Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen, and Kevin Magnussen amongst others.

Austrian GP Schedule

When: 03 – 05 JULY 2020

Austrian Grand Prix F1 that’s a regular feature in most of these F1 campaigns. It consistently takes its place in the middle of that season. Even though that may not be a lot of title-deciding action, this race certainly paves that way for an entertaining second half. This happened to be the case in 2019 edition with Max Verstappen winning that event ahead of Charles Leclerc and Valtteri Bottas.

Drivers & Teams

Mercedes will be the team to beat in forthcoming Austrian Grand Prix results as they have been substantially superior compared to the rest of this field. They have been enjoying a free run at Constructors’ Championship title for the past six campaigns, and the team has also been able to win four out of the last six editions at this event.

Unsurprisingly, Red Bull has been able to make a comeback with regards to the event, as it’s on their home turf. After winning event in 2018 with Max Verstappen, Hungarian went on to repeat his success in 2019. This domination that’s expected to reflect on the odds for the next event, as history often tends to play a sizeable role in separating the weak from strong.

Ferrari has struggled at this event quite heavily ever since it returned. Italians have been unable to win this event since 2003 when Michael Schumacher was able to complete a perfect hat-trick – pole position, fastest lap, and victory. That recent inability to add to these five victories has resulted in Mercedes narrowing the gap to Italians. These Germans ’re just one victory away from catching Ferrari when it comes to successes at that Austrian Grand Prix circuit.

Austrian Grand Prix Betting

The betting tips for this event tend to focus heavily on form and history coming into event. Since that circuit ’s quite high for producing technical implications, this team’s need to come up with a different kind of setup that causes more downforce. The teams also should contend with quite a lot of uphill drag and need for acceleration bursts to overcome slow corners. Such a setup was able to benefit Ferrari and Red Bull in 2020 race, but Mercedes were not at their best. Since the packaging of Mercedes tends to be quite tight in rear, this heat build-up that’s one of the common issues.

Ferrari has traditionally enjoyed a lot of advantage in terms of horsepower, and it was not a surprise that the 2020 edition witnessed pole position for Charles Leclerc. It happens to be only that second pole position in these first 12 races for Ferrari. A major factor behind Leclerc’s pole position was that this track was able to suit his driving style and that car in excellent fashion. However, he was unable to prevent Verstappen from winning this home event.

Betting Review

The vast majority of betting interest surrounding this event begins with the qualifying sessions. It will be a good way for judging speed carried by different vehicles, although practice sessions start conveying this information for a reasonable extent. Even in the 2020 edition, Ferrari was visibly stronger in the practice sessions than Mercedes, and it proved to be the case in final grid positions, as Leclerc was able to secure a pole position ahead of two Mercedes. In fact, he even went on to finish ahead of Valtteri Bottas in third place.

The F1 Austrian Grand Prix has a strong case for banking teams like Ferrari when it comes to fastest lap. The fast sweeping nature of the circuit means that teams that have a higher horsepower output tend to perform well. Ferrari may have struggled a lot in recent years, but a nature of this track plays a crucial role when it comes to that fastest lap market. In this regard, a wiser option would also be to back Red Bull who have done extremely well in this Grand Prix over these last two seasons.

The qualifying sessions will provide an insight into that direction that this race will take, and a final grid position has a huge say due to the altered turn one, which no longer allows drivers to run wide and taking advantage. Even though the pole position has been unable to yield a victory in the last two editions, it was not the case in 2016 and 2017. Even a couple of practice sessions just at a start of race weekend will be providing plenty of insight into a direction of race. For example, Leclerc had been showing excellent pace throughout the practice sessions, and he ended up picking up pole position.

Even though the biggest focus is on Austrian Grand Prix winners, there’re plenty of other markets like the winning margin when it comes to the winners of the F1 Austrian Grand Prix. Since these powerful cars will be able to pull up a sizeable gap over this chasing pack, a better pick for an event will be the winning margin of more than 15 seconds. However, Mercedes have not been very poor when it comes to power for the last few seasons. Depending on this outcome of these practice sessions, one can also go with a winning margin of fewer than 15 seconds in that Formula 1 Austrian Grand Prix of 2020.