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Austrian Grand Prix 2022

For lovers of motorsport races, we bring good tidings: the Austrian Grand Prix is back. Due to the pandemic, the season was stalled. Things are, however, gearing back to normal really fast.

For the new and slightly ignorant motorsport fans, the Austrian Grand Prix is one of the notorious rounds of the Formula 1 tournament. The F1 yearly tournament has 23 rounds per season. Each round is held in different countries, starting in Bahrain and ending in Abu Dhabi.

F1 Austrian GP is the 9th round of the season. This year it kicks off from the 2nd to the 4th of July at the popular Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria.

If you’ve never been to Austria before, now’s the time to take that trip. If you have, there’s no harm in visiting Spielberg the second time. You not only get to enjoy the world-class performance from notable motorsport drivers and teams. You can also have a beautiful view of Austria from the grandstand while betting on the race.

This piece contains all you need to know about the event, drivers, teams, schedule, and the Austria F1 Track. Read Up.

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Austrian Grand Prix Event Information

As you already know, this year’s F1 Austrian Grand Prix is right around the corner. You definitely do not want to be kept from all the juicy details of the competition.

Where is the Austrian Grand Prix holding? How can I view the event? What part of the ring can one get the best view?

We’ve answered all these questions and more in the coming paragraphs. Take a look for full details of the event.

Red Bull Ring

Red Bull Ring

The Austrian F1 Track for this year is the Red Bull Ring. It takes place over 71 laps of the 4.318km ring. This should provide answers to questions like “Where is the Austrian Grand Prix holding?”

Originally the track started off as the Osterreichring. Built in 1969, it witnessed its first Formula 1 match in 1970. The ring was in use until 1995 when the safety concerns of the 5.942km (3.692 mi) ring came to a head.

Teams, drivers, and spectators were tired of the accidents that happened at each race. The roads through fast-sweepers lacked protection. These concerns, thus, brought about the renovations in 1995-1996 by Herman Tilke.

The rebuilt ring was called the A1-Ring. Its length was shortened to 4.326km (2.688 mi). The ring funded by the A1 mobile phone provider had better protection. The fast-sweepers were removed to allow for overtaking opportunities and were replaced with three right-handers.

The A1-Ring served its purpose hosting not less than 7 F1 races and other motorsport races. The grandstands and pit buildings were demolished in 2004. The ring became unusable for any category of motorsport races. And it stayed that while for quite a several years.

In 2008, the Red Bull GmbH company began a €70m on the ring. Rebuilt it and opened it up to motorsport races in 2011. Formula 1 races came back to the ring in 2014, and races have been played there ever since.

The Austrian Grand Prix Location is popular for many reasons. First, the Red Bull holds a picturesque of the Styrian Mountains. From the grandstand, you can get a breathtaking view of the mountains as the cars race by.

There’s also the option of tourist attractions. The city is home to the Arnold Schwarzenegger Birth House Museum. The Museum holds a lot of memories of the popular actor.

Austrian GP Schedule

This year’s official Austrian Grand Prix Start Time is 14:00 – 16:00 local Time on the 4th of July 2022. There is a list of other programs lined up before the official kick-off date. To keep you abreast of these dates, we’ve provided a detailed report of the Grand Prix activities from start to finish. That way, you don’t get to miss out on anything. Take a look at the already scheduled Austrian Grand Prix Highlights:

  • 2nd of July 2022. This date is earmarked for practice by teams. Each team gets to test the speed of their cars, the swiftness and style of their drivers too. Practice 1 is scheduled for 10:30 – 11:30 Austrian Time. You can also catch Practice 2 at 14:00 – 15:00 Austrian Time.
  • 3rd of July 2022. The next day, teams are allowed another opportunity to practice just before the Austrian Grand Prix Qualifying Round. Practice 3 is from 11:00 – 12:00 Austrian Time. The Qualifying Round is scheduled for 14:00 – 15:00 Austrian Time at the Red Bull Ring.
  • 4th of July 2022. Austria’s F1 GP Finale is scheduled for the third day. There, all qualifying teams go to compete for over 71 laps of the 4.318 km ring. You can catch the event live at the venue from 14:00 – 16:00 Austrian Time. You can also watch the Austrian Grand Prix Livestream from the comfort of your home on the F1 TV.

Austrian Grand Prix Drivers & Teams

20 drivers from 10 teams highly contest this year’s F1 Austria. Each team holds a reputation for manufacturing quality sport cars. While some teams hold records of producing winners, others hold records of being Cinderella teams from Time to Time.

Here’s a list of all the drivers and their respective teams for the 2022 Austrian GP:

  • LEWIS HAMILTON 44 – United Kingdom – Mercedes
  • VALTERRI BOTTAS 77 – Finland – Mercedes
  • MAX VERSTAPPEN 33 – Netherlands – Red Bull Racing
  • SERGIO PEREZ 11 – Mexico – Red Bull Racing
  • LANDO NORRIS 4 – United Kingdom – Maclaren
  • DANIEL RICCIARDO 3 – Australia – Maclaren
  • LANCE STROLL 18 – Canada – Aston Martin
  • SEBASTIAN VETTEL 5 – Germany – Aston Martin
  • ESTEBAN OCON 31 – France – Alpine
  • FERNANDO ALONSO 14 – Spain – Alpine
  • CHARLES LECLERC 16 – Monaco – Ferrari
  • CARLOS SAINZ 55 – Spain – Ferrari
  • PIERRE GASLY 10 – France – AlphaTauri
  • YUKI TSUNODA 22 – Japan – AlphaTauri
  • KIMI RAIKKONEN 7 – Finland – Alpha Romeo Racing
  • ANTONIO GIOVINAZZI 99 – Italy – Alpha Romeo Racing
  • MICK SCHUMACHER 47 – Germany – HAAS F1 Team
  • NIKITA MAZEPIN 9 – Russia – HAAS F1 Team
  • GEORGE RUSSELL 63 – United Kingdom – Williams
  • NICHOLAS LATIFA 6 – Canada – Williams

How Yo Watch Austrian Grand Prix Live Stream Online

Austrian Grand Prix Betting Tips

Whether you are watching from home or live at the Red Bull Ring, you can wager on the Austrian Grand Prix Results. Knowing how and what to bet on now becomes the issue. As always, we got you.

First and most importantly, only wager with legitimate sportsbooks. A legitimate sportsbook should not be so hard to find. Go for sportsbooks that have an age-long reputation and reasonably believable RTP. That way, you enjoy a safer betting experience.

Secondly, find the bet type that suits you. You can choose to go for the F1 Top 3 Bet. Here you only bet on the three players that you think will come in the top 3. You do not have to bet on them in any order. Just pick three players and place a wager.

There’s also the option of betting on the winning margin between two players. Most sportsbooks handle this kind of wager as an Over/Under kind of bet.

Note that betting on the Top 3 is usually the safest. Also, note that, as much as you would want to bet on teams like Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, there is the possibility of Cinderella Teams winning.

Once you decide on a bet type, set a bet amount and place your bet. Sit back and enjoy the Austrian Grand Prix Livestream.

What more could you want in July than a feel of Austria and the Red Bull Ring? Buy your tickets now.

Austrian Grand Prix 2022
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