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Singapore Grand Prix: Overview

The Singapore Grand Prix is one of these several races in FIA F1 Championship calendar. That Grand Prix Singapore has considered as one of these difficult races thanks to the street circuit, night driving conditions, and location of that race in the humid regions of Asia. That first Singapore Grand Prix start time was in 1966, but it was discontinued in 1973 owing to several concerns. This event returned to the calendar in 2008, and it has remained a crucial part of F1 calendar since then.

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Marina Bay Street Circuit

Marina Bay Street Circuit

The Marina Bay Street Circuit is one of the latest circuits in F1 calendar. Constructed in 2007, it hosted this first-ever comprtition in 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. This competition became the first-night event in Formula 1 since it was held late in the day to offer a convenient viewing time for European audience. That Singapore F1 track is one of few of its kind with a Grade 1 license from FIA. Over these years, there have been several modifications to improve safety, driver comfort, and racing thrill.

There were initial concerns about this bumpiness of that street track, causing discomfort to drivers and taking a toll on the cars. There are minimal overtaking opportunities in the original design, but modifications over these years have improved those opportunities. This racing takes place very close to these walls, and there are very few run-off areas. That frequently results in several accidents. Moreover, safety car has been deployed in every F1 race at that circuit. Apart from F1, circuit also hosts many other events including GP2.

Singapore GP Schedule

The 2020 edition of Singapore Grand Prix will be held on 18-20 of September. This event is sandwiched between Italian Grand Prix, which is one of highlight events of F1 calendar, and Russian Grand Prix. That title could be potentially decided in the weeks leading up to the event at Marina Bay Street circuit. This upcoming edition in Singapore will be the 12th event in this country since it returned to Formula One racing calendar in 2008.

The time of the year makes it very tasking on the drivers and cars. These high daytime temperatures present at this time of nearly in Singapore is also one of the factors behind that competition being held at night. Still, tropical climate means that temperatures in the cockpit can almost hit 60 °C. F1 Singapore race also has a distinct record of having featured a safety car in each of its races since returning to the calendar in 2008. There has been a total of 18 safety car incidents at this event in the last decade.

Drivers & Teams

The battle for F1 Drivers’ Championship is hotting up even further with Lewis Hamilton opening up his advantage even further after British Grand Prix. These impressive sixth victory at Silverstone circuit resulted in Hamilton now opening up a 39-point lead over his Mercedes teammate, Valtteri Bottas. Hamilton is heading towards the sixth Championship of his career. This would put him just one behind Michael Schumacher, who has picked up seven Championship titles. Hamilton has been on a roll in recent years, and he has missed out on Drivers’ Championship only once since 2014. Hamilton himself is aiming for his third successive victory at this event.

Meanwhile, Valtteri Bottas may not give up on that title just yet even though he failed to capitalize on advantage provided by Austrian Grand Prix. That 39-point lead might seem a little substantial with Hamilton in almost impeccable form, and it will take a lot of effort from Polish driver to claw back the advantage from Brit.

There is little reason for likes of Sebastian Vettel to go for a victory other than pride. That Ferrari driver has struggled this season, and he has been almost matched by Charles Leclerc, who’s just three points behind in the standings after 11 races. That massive 61-point gap between Vettel and Valtteri Bottas is a sign of difference between Ferrari and Mercedes. These two teams have a considerable gulf even in the constructors’ standing.

Red Bull has a reason to push Ferrari just as they have done in recent races. That Italian team is second in Constructors’ standings but with only a limited advantage over Red Bull who is in the third position. Since there are still several races in the campaign, there is a strong possibility of Red Bull getting back into the second spot. They have not done this for these last two consecutive campaigns. After finishing third in standings for previous two seasons, Red Bull is looking for an improvement. That Austrian outfit had not picked up Constructors’ Championship since the 2013 campaign when they had Vettel in the ranks.

Mercedes enter into the event looking to continue their tremendous record at the Singapore Grand Prix F1. German team has been able to pick up more wins (4) at this Grand Prix than any other team, and they have been winning on three consecutive occasions. Ferrari is that only team to break this dominance after winning the event in 2015 with Sebastian Vettel. If not, Mercedes would have picked up five successive wins at Singapore Grand Prix. Mercedes have failed to win just one of the ten races so far this year.

Singapore GP Betting

The odds for this race will be heavily skewed towards Championship title on both fronts. Mercedes have that upper hand in Constructors’ Championship while their lead driver Lewis Hamilton also enjoys a strong lead. Each has their strong record when it comes to Singapore Grand Prix. It’s a significant factor behind these betting odds being heavily skewed in their favor.

The exciting market for this race would be the race winner. Given this enormous success that Hamilton has achieved in the 2020 campaign and in that previous event at Marina Bay Street circuit, there is a higher likelihood that Brit will be able to continue his success further. His presence in Drivers’ Championship title makes it essential to do well in an event that would put him on path towards a title success. There would be just six events after that race in this Asian country. Interestingly, Hamilton holds an excellent record in these subsequent races like Russian Grand Prix and Japanese Grand Prix. This should put him in a dominant position mentally coming into this event.

The extensive history possessed by Hamilton and Mercedes in this event makes them a strong favorite. However, it would be wrong to discount other markets as a result of this incredible record. Since market odds may not offer a great price on Hamilton’s victory, it’s possible to look at backing likes of Max Verstappen to battle once again with Charles Leclerc.

The top-six finish market’s also an appealing aspect of race. That possibility of a crash is also quite high at this circuit. These dates for event are also quite favorable for making top six finish extremely important in the context of campaign.

Betting Review

The market for the winner will undoubtedly be the most interesting. Due to this title battle, drivers are likely to be very focused on getting this victory. This will be especially true of Hamilton, who’s expected to be closer to winning this title. Due to his excellent record when it comes to this event, Brit’s a great pick. He has also been showing excellent pace throughout this campaign. Even though Valtteri Bottas does represent a great threat for Hamilton’s sixth Drivers’ Championship title, Hamilton’s expected to be decided.

Pole position can be a potentially crucial factor in this event, but it has so far not played a major role in terms of races this year. Hamilton has been able to pick up seven wins so far, but he has been on pole in just three races. Furthermore, Valtteri Bottas may have started on pole in four races, but he has ended up victorious in just two. Since 2013, pole position has not led to a race winner only once at Singapore Grand Prix.

The fastest lap may appear to be an exciting market, but there has not been a significant trend so far in the campaign. Hamilton has been able to share to fastest laps alongside Valtteri Bottas, but trend when it comes to this market at Singapore races is not so great. These qualifying sessions will be able to provide a better idea.

Singapore F1 is back again for a 12th consecutive year, and it promises to deliver spectacular racing action. There are also plenty of opportunities to bet on this incredibly popular event.

Singapore Grand Prix Live

Watch Singapore Grand Prix Live Stream

The Singapore Grand Prix is a relatively new entrant in the F1 calendar, but it has quickly elevated itself as a critical point in the title race. It has been regularly held since 2008, even if the first edition was held in the 1940s. As the first night race in F1, there is a huge deal of interest in catching the modern version of the Singapore GP on TV. September 19 is when the 2020 edition will take place. This street race, which also became the first-night event, is hosted at the Marina Bay Street Circuit since 2008.


Sky Sports hold broadcast rights in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Italy. The spectators in the United Kingdom can also tune in to the Singapore Grand Prix Channel 4 coverage. The added choice for UK spectators should not come as a shock, as the race has grown a lot in terms of popularity over the last few years. The novelty of a night street race has kept the interest going.

Match TV is the broadcast partner in Russia, and they have partly been responsible for the more significant popularity of the sport in this region.

Spain’s F1 coverage is handled by Movistar, who recently signed a deal that does not expire until the 2020 season. France has a great history in F1, and these fans can watch the Singapore Grand Prix TV action on Canal+ and TF1.

North America

Canada has two channels covering the races – TSN, which handles the English version while RDS broadcasts the Singapore Grand Prix TV coverage in French. There are also live streams on every platform for Canadian users.

United States viewers can watch Singapore Grand Prix on TV through ESPN, which also has the rights to broadcast other F1 races after recently extending a contract until 2022. There is a growing fan base for F1 in the United States. ESPN, unsurprisingly, spent big to hold onto the rights.


F1 has great popularity in Japan, and Fuji Television has broadcast rights here. Aside from this choice, viewers also have the benefit of accessing online content through many official streams. One such service to recently extend the deal is DAZN, which also streams other sports like Formula 2 and Formula 3. Fox Sports Channels handles the Asian broadcast in countries outside Japan. The Singapore Grand Prix live stream can provide the benefit of watching Singapore Grand Prix live content from anywhere.