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Belgian Grand Prix – Overview

The Belgian Grand Prix is one of the prestigious events in the Formula 1 world championship calendar. Stavelot in Belgium is the destination for the Belgian Grand Prix location, and the unpredictable weather conditions in this part of Europe is a significant factor behind the status of this Grand Prix. The Belgian Grand Prix start time is usually towards the middle of the calendar year. The timing of the race is set up for the manufacturers to bring in plenty of new upgrades to the cars around this time. The obvious benefits would be visible in the Belgian Grand Prix qualifying sessions, which are highly entertaining due to the challenging nature of the Belgian Grand Prix circuit.

F1 World Champion
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Circuit de Spa Francorchamps

Circuit de Spa Francorchamps

The Circuit de Spa Francorchamps is one of the iconic tracks when it comes to Formula 1 motor racing. Apart from hosting the Formula 1 races, the Spa 24 Hours and World Endurance Championship series are also held at this track. Even though it was first constructed in 1920, it underwent modernization in 2007 with the addition of new pit lanes and chicanes. The length of 7.004 km makes it one of the longest F1 circuits over a single lap, while there are 19 turns — a mixture of very high speed and very slow corners.

This circuit has the highest average speed in the current calendar. The drivers are known to exceed on average more than 230 km/h. Some unique touches of the track are made just after the first turn, as the circuit goes through a dip and ascent while the cars are still running at fast speeds. This track happened to be immensely popular amongst a large section of F1 drivers — old and new. Michael Schumacher is regarded as one of the masters of this circuit.

Belgian Grand Prix Schedule

The Belgian Grand Prix usually takes place in the middle of the year. This year the event will be held 28 – 30 August 2020. The location, together with the dates of the event make it very unpredictable in terms of weather. Since the race happens at a very high average speed, the weather prediction becomes very important.

Drivers & Teams

Lewis Hamilton came up with a masterful performance at Hungary to pick up the eighth win in 20 races this season. The Mercedes driver was able to end the extended battle with Max Verstappen at the Hungarian GP by overtaking with only three laps left. As a result, Hamilton was able to open up a 62-point advantage in the Drivers’ Championship table. Hamilton picked up victories in the Belgian GP back in 2010, 2015, and 2017. However, he may be focused heavily on consolidating his lead.

Valtteri Bottas has come under scrutiny for the disappointing crash in Germany. However, he will have the pace to outshine Red Bull, unlike in the last two races. Mercedes have been quite excellent when it comes to this event.

Sebastian Vettel went into the break feeling quite happy after managing podium places in Germany and Hungary. After achieving a victory in the 2018 edition of the Belgian GP, the German is looking to win the event for the third time in eight seasons. The signs were ominous that Ferrari was going to experience a poor campaign; and it is turning out to be the same. However, recent results of the Italian team have been a lot more promising. Vettel managed to finish second in the German GP while he was able to get past his teammate Charles Leclerc to grab the third place in Hungary.

Leclerc appeared to hold a promising position for his strong performance at the Hungary GP, but he suffered because of poor mastery towards the end of the race. The issue is likely to be sorted, and one can expect a good result of the youngster. The 21-year-old has been able to make it to the top three in four out of the last six races. Hence, he is being given a high price to finish on the podium again by most betting tips.

Ferrari has been immensely successful when it comes to this event after picking up 17 wins — just three ahead of McLaren. Mercedes is much further behind in the list after managing six victories only. In recent times, however, Mercedes have been more dominant at this track winning three out of the last four races.

Belgian GP Betting

The Belgian Grand Prix results attract a lot of interest around the world. This is especially noticeable in the sheer variety of markets and odds provided by bookmakers.

Betting Review

The primary market for the event will be the option to predict the winners. However, it may not be a suitable way to find the best returns since the odds will continue to be heavily skewed towards a Lewis Hamilton victory. But, it may not be the case with Sebastian Vettel showing signs of the positive form along with Verstappen. The Red Bull driver may not have the outright pace of the German professional, but he was able to display his talent in the best possible way.

Verstappen managed to come up with a string of good performances in recent races. He could hold off Hamilton for a huge period in the Hungarian GP despite pressure, but Belgian Grand Prix camping will be challenging due to many overtaking opportunities. He proved to register a pole position only once this season, but the Hungarian has been setting the fastest lap in three of the last four events. Since Hamilton has been much superior in the speed department, Verstappen has had to rely on his impeccable driving skills to hold the youngster by hand. Verstappen also appeared to favor this track.

Mercedes has had unrelenting domination in the Constructors’ Championship table so far this season. They have managed to win 10 out of 12 races this season. This pure domination was a reason to keep Mercedes at the top of the Constructors’ Championship chart; and they remain on course for a sixth successive title. It would be hard to look beyond Mercedes for ending up as the winners, as they were disappointed not to claim an an-all podium finish in the 2018 edition. Hamilton lost his pole position and finished second behind Sebastian Vettel while Valtteri Bottas was fourth in the standings.

The Belgian Grand Prix Formula 1 is one of the finest races in the calendar. Even though the Belgian Grand Prix crash and accidents do happen from time to time, the upcoming 2020 edition is expected to be excellent in terms of entertainment value. Hence, spectator tips would not just recommend enjoying the racing action but also take up a punt.

Thanks to the immense popularity enjoyed by the F1 Belgian Grand Prix, one can come across a string of markets in almost every department. The choices may be in plenty, but one should be on top of the current happenings using the latest tips to succeed with each bet.