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Overview of Brazilian Grand Prix

The Brazilian Grand Prix is one of the pinnacle events in the world of motorsports. The event was first held in 1972, and there is now a great fan following to find the Brazilian Grand Prix date once the calendar for the new campaign is released. The Brazilian Grand Prix start time is usually late in the afternoon for the convenience of the European TV audience. A couple of practice sessions precedes the event on Friday while a crucial qualifying campaign takes place on Saturday. The overall race length is 305 km, and drivers compete for over 71 laps to achieve this tally.

F1 World Champion
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Autodromo de Interlagos Circuit

The Brazilian Grand Prix circuit is regarded as one of the finest of its kind in the F1 calendar. The track is named after Carlos Pace, who is in the Formula 1 driver from Brazil who lost his life in a 1977 plane crash. The circuit has been hosting Formula One races since 1973. This FIA Grade 1 secured first opened its doors in 1940, but it now hosts several events like the FIA World Endurance Championship and Formula 3.< /p> Autodromo de Interlagos Circuit

The circuit is 4.3 km long after the latest set of modifications in 2000. There are a total of 15 turns in this current format with Valtteri Bottas setting the fastest lap of 1:10.540 in 2018. The original circuit, however, was almost twice this distance at 7.9 km. The 1990 modification witnessed a significant reduction when it was brought down to 4.3 km.

One of the unique aspects of the Autodromo de Interlagos is the anti-clockwise direction followed for the races. It’s something very different from most of the non-oval circuits meant for racing. The centrifugal forces on the driver’s neck are primarily felt on the left side rather than on the right side as in the case with most circuits. There is a substantial fan following for this circuit among the drivers, as it is not constructed on flat terrain. The hilly nature, the anti-clockwise direction, and bumpy surface make it a very challenging circuit in the calendar.

Brazilian Grand Prix Schedule

When: 13-15 NOVEMBER 2020

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The Brazilian Grand Prix has always been a race that concluded the F1 calendar, but recent years have brought about a change with this event becoming the penultimate race of the calendar. There is no schedule change for the 2020 campaign with this Grand Prix just preceding the Abu Dhabi event. The path taken by the different title challengers in the 2020 campaign hints that the Brazilian Grand Prix may be a dead rubber in terms of title challenges by the time it starts.

Drivers & Teams

Lewis Hamilton has been the star performer of the 2020 campaign so far. He has picked up seven wins out of the ten races. Despite managing to start on pole in just three of the events in this calendar year, Hamilton has displayed a tremendous will to open up a massive lead in the Drivers’ Championship table. It is remarkable that at this stage last season, Hamilton had picked up only three wins in the 2018 campaign. Yet, the Brit went on to win the title by being successful in eight out of the last 11 races.

Valtteri Bottas has been the closest challenger for Hamilton this season. Despite failing to win a race 2018, the Finn has been keeping a close eye on the Brit for the majority of the campaign. Bottas has excelled when it comes to the qualifying sessions, as he has been able to get four pole positions in the ten races so far. However, just one pole position has translated into a success – at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Hamilton’s incredible streak means that Bottas trails by a substantial 39 points. Even now, it’s a huge positive for Bottas, who ended up with the lowest placement of any misplaced driver in the last six years last season. He finished fifth in the standings.

Max Verstappen happens to be the only non-Mercedes driver to have picked up a victory in the 2019 campaign. He has been showing improved pace over the last few races, and this can make a difference in the title race. Even though Verstappen himself doesn’t stand a chance to win the title, he’s rather close to bettering his performances – two wins in 21 Grand Prix’s last season in 2019.

Mercedes have been the unstoppable force since the German Grand Prix of last season. After winning only three races in the first half of 2018, Mercedes managed to pick up eight wins in the previous 11 races. The pace has not diminished even in 2019 with the team managing to pick up a victory in nine out of the ten races. The Germans stand in pole position to pick up the sixth consecutive Constructors’ Championship title.

Ferrari has endured yet another disappointing season as the team has not been able to display any kind of a place for a solid chunk of the campaign. The team is yet to secure a victory, and the last Constructors’ Championship won by the team was back in 2008. A decade of more than lackluster pace has resulted in Ferrari dropping way behind in the Constructors’ Championship for the 2020 campaign. It’s unlikely that things may improve in the second half of the campaign – considering the immense pace shown by Mercedes.

Red Bull is also without a Constructors’ Championship since 2013, and they have a talented driver in the form of Verstappen, who has been showing certain positive signs of late. However, the team is not consistent, as Pierre Gasly struggled to come even close to the Dutchman.

Brazilian GP Betting

The Brazilian GP holds a great deal of interest in the world of betting, and this is mainly due to the position of the race in the calendar. Since it takes place as the penultimate race, the interest surrounding the Brazilian Grand Prix results will be immense. The 2020 campaign should be no different even with Mercedes having an immensely already on the two titles. There is a greater chance of the title being wrapped up well before the last few races.

There are several markets available for this event, but the two Championships are likely to be out of context. There is a considerable lead between the top two places in the Drivers’ and Constructors’ table. The race in these championships could be over well before this event, but that should not limit the entertainment factor considering the rich history on offer at this race.

Betting Review

There is not a vast history of sustained success at the Brazilian Grand Prix among the recent crop of drivers. Sebastian Vettel has been able to pick up three wins at this event, but he has managed only one win in the last five years. Lewis Hamilton has two wins – the same as some legends like Ayrton Senna and Mika Häkkinen. Another victory would put him level with Sebastian Vettel. Alain Prost is the most successful racer when it comes to the Brazil Grand Prix, as he has picked up a remarkable six wins.

McLaren is the most successful team in the Constructors’ Championship as they have picked up 12 wins and they are closely followed by Ferrari, who has 11 wins. The recent trend has been skewed towards Mercedes, who have been on the winning side in all but one of the last five editions. Apart from the success achieved by Ferrari in 2017, the Brazilian Grand Prix F1 has been entirely dominated by Mercedes. The race winner is a market that can be extremely rewarding in such circumstances, as it effectively offers Bottas and Hamilton as the likely candidates in this recent trend.

The pole position market is also quite impressive with Lewis Hamilton being able to win the two Brazilian F1 Grand Prixs that he has started on pole. Since his recent pace has been excellent, there is a higher chance of the Brit being able to start at the top of the grid. The pole position at this Grand Prix directly gave rise to the winner for four consecutive years before the 2017 and 2018 editions.

The fastest lap is another market where punters can look to make a difference. Bottas not only set the fastest lap at the race last season, but he also ended up creating the new lap record of 1:10.540. Since the lap records have been tumbling a lot in the 2020 calendar, there is a higher chance of a Mercedes driver setting a new lap record in the form of the fastest lap in this race. The lap record has been broken four times in the ten races already. It is possible to come across some excellent odds regarding this market. The choice of Hamilton or Bottas for the fastest lap at the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix would be one of the top betting tips.