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MotoGP Betting Sites in UK 2024

MotoGP is the peak of motorbike racing. It’s a worldwide series that includes a total of 19 races in Asia, Europe, and America. All of the biggest motorbike brands in the world compete in MotorGP, with Yamaha, Suzuki, Ducati and Honda dominating in the sport.

Every MotoGp season is divided into various races, where motorbike riders race over qualifying as well as the Grand Prix itself to collect points on the overall championship leaderboard. The Motorbikes in the MotoGP races can break the 200mph barrier in the full race mode, making the sport interesting to watch and to bet on. If you love MotoGP betting and watching the races, then you should be sure to try out in-play wagering. This type of betting will provide you with much-needed excitement and thrill.

Riders qualify for the MotoGP main race, and depending on their performance, that’ll be where they will start on the grid. In most cases, MotoGP races take place on Sundays, and they only last for approximately 45 minutes, providing lots of entertainment. MotoGP has two sister versions which include Moto2 and Moto3. These sister versions of MotoGP also take place on the same day as the main race. In MotoGP races, overtaking is highly encouraged. However, dangerous driving can get the racers into trouble. After all, the MotoGp isn’t the safest sport globally.

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MotoGP Calendar

How the MotoGP Season Works?

The focus of this article is on the premier division of the MotoGP race. So let’s look at a few but very important things. The engines of the motorbikes are an absolutely eye-catching 1000cc, having been improved from 500cc over the past few years.

Currently, MotoGP is quite literary, the most exciting and fastest than it has ever been. All of the races start with three 45-minute practice sessions. And the riders’ times are then used to categorise them into qualifying segments. The results of the qualifying segments then determine the positions of all the riders at the start of every race.

The entire season has a total of 18 rounds, with a massive number of tracks across the globe. Points are only awarded to the first 15 positions, with the overall leaderboard leader being crowned the champion at the end of the season.

Up to this point, you should have started to see the type of depth that this sport can offer from a betting point of view. Put into consideration how much you can earn from these qualifying races, factoring out the obvious impacts of the starting positions on the grid.

Combine that with the best MotoGP betting odds and the complexity of its story, the individual characteristics of the riders as well as the technical side of the motorbikes and you will find the sport not only interesting to watch but also worth your hard-earned money as a punter.

Meanwhile, the simplicity of the betting MotoGP markets and concepts make it easier and straightforward for those who have never placed bets on the sport. It is worth understanding all of the markets available and picking the best betting platform if you want to enjoy everything good that the MotoGP has to offer.

MotoGP: Overview

What Are Some Key MotoGP Betting Markets?

Many people think that placing bets on racing-based sports is complex, whether that is Formula 1, horse racing, greyhound racing or indeed, MotoGP wagering. And this isn’t all about the MotoGP betting tips or strategy that go into the smartest betting, but the variety of the markets involved.

There’re lots of things to hit than just backing a ride to win the race. However, that is also possible if you’re so inclined. In this section, you will find five key MotoGP betting UK markets to provide you with an idea of the scope of MotoGP markets available for you. As a punter, you will find these markets at any of the recommended and top betting sites in the United Kingdom. Go through them to understand them better.

Championship Winner

This bet allows you to place a wager on a rider you think will win the entire tournament. As mentioned earlier, the MotoGP season includes a total of 18 races, and it works on a points-based system. This means that there is plenty to sink your teeth into.

The championship winner market requires punters to make their selections and stick with them until the end. And the best of this market is that the best MotoGP odds are guaranteed, and you can back more than one rider. Also, you can go ahead and even bet on several races and championship winners as part of the accumulator bet.

MotoGP World Championship

Rider vs Rider

Rider vs rider is another popular type of bet for MotoGP punters. Also, it is one of the markets that can help you win significant amounts of cash, thanks to the competitive odds that they offer. As far as the market is concerned, all that matters to the success of your wager is whether a rider beats another.

This enables you to focus on a couple of riders, and it is a perfect match for punters looking for more traditional markets that allow them to wager on a single competitor while at the same time providing the best betting odds MotoGP.

Without Driver

Instead of narrowing your bet to only two drivers, this MotoGP market takes all the favourites out of consideration. This’s useful, especially when you have a race that is massively in favour of a given competitor. With that in mind, it’s useful just in the same way as Asian Handicap betting is, as it levels the playing ground.

From a betting perspective, overwhelming race favourites can make things dull. You’re, in most cases, left with an option of backing a rider with short betting odds, which may be of little interest. Another option is to go against the grain and lose while you’re going against your wagering instincts. The without a driver market allows you to wager on the MotoGP races as if the favourites weren’t there at all.

Podium Finish

A podium finish is just similar to an each-way bet. The bet sees you emerge as the winner as long as your selection manages to be among the top three. In simple words, your pick needs to be on the podium at the end of the MotoGP race.

Given the fact that these races have a total of 25 riders, only wagering on one of them to win can prove to be difficult. By extending these to the top three, you have lots of options to pick from at the best betting site for MotoGP.

Fastest Lap

The title of this type of bet provides you with a good idea of what it is all about. The fastest lap market provides you with an opportunity to bet on the rider that you think will complete the MotoGP race in the shortest possible time. And you will win your bet even if your choice does not emerge as the winner.

A fastest lap is an excellent market for punters who have done their homework well and considered all of the bets MotoGp wagering tips deeply since it, in most cases, requires a deep understanding of the riders as well as their dynamics.

If you have a rider with strong but inconsistent racing performances, then the fastest lap is an ideal option for you. Also, it is a perfect market for double wagers since it allows punters to paint a coherent and consistent picture of the Moto GP UK events.

Biggest MotoGP Races

MotoGP is one of the greatest sports to place bets on. The main reason for this is that it has many different parts that you can pick from when placing your bets. Some of the biggest MotoGP races that you can find at the leading sportsbooks include the following:

  • TT Circuit Assen – The Netherlands.
  • Red Bull Ring – Spielberg – Austria.
  • Silverstone Circuit – Great Britain.
  • Autodromo Del Mugello – Italy.
  • Le Mans – France.
  • MotoGP Schedule – Season 2024

    If you love betting on MotoGP events, then it is worth having the entire schedule of the season in your mind. Below is the schedule for 2024.

MotoGP Betting

Date – Grand Prix – Track

  • March 26 – Portugal Grand Prix – Algarve International Circuit
  • April 2 – Argentina Grand Prix – Termas de Río Hondo
  • April 16 – Americas Grand Prix – Circuit of The Americas
  • April 30 – Spain Grand Prix – Circuito de Jerez – Ángel Nieto
  • May 14 – France Grand Prix – Le Mans
  • June 11 – Italy Grand Prix – Mugello Circuit
  • June 18 – Germany Grand Prix – Sachsenring
  • June 25 – Netherlands Grand Prix – TT Circuit Assen
  • July 9 – Kazakhstan Grand Prix – Sokol International Racetrack
  • August 6 – Great Britain Grand Prix – Silverstone Circuit
  • August 20 – Austria Grand Prix – Red Bull Ring – Spielberg
  • September 3 – Catalunya Grand Prix – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya
  • September 10 – San Marino Grand Prix e della Riviera di Rimini – Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli
  • September 24 – India Grand Prix – Buddh International Circuit
  • October 1 – Japan Grand Prix – Twin Ring Motegi
  • October 15 – IndonesiaGrand Prix – Mandalika International Street Circuit
  • October 22 – Australia Grand Prix – Phillip Island
  • October 29 – Thailand Grand Prix – Chang International Circuit
  • November 12 – Malaysia Grand Prix – Sepang International Circuit
  • November 19 – Qatar Grand Prix – Lusail International Circuit
  • November 26 – Valencia Grand Prix – Circuit Ricardo Tormo

Tips for Using Multiple MotoGP Betting Sites

There are many reasons why it is advisable to sign up with more than one sportsbook. Claiming generous promotions and bonuses and competitive odds are the main benefits of using the services of different MotoGP in the UK betting sites. Some of the tips for using multiple MotoGP betting platforms include:

  • Use separate email addresses for betting.
  • Use different passwords.
  • Do not keep too much cash in a single place.
  • Use a password management software.
  • Use flexible payment options.
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