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MotoGP World Championship Overview

MotoGP is one of the top racing disciplines when it comes to motorcycles. It only features the best riders in the world on the fastest bikes. After having been founded in 1949, it is also one of the oldest motorcycle championships around. As a result, the action can be exerting, intense, and unpredictable. The MotoGP 2021 is no different with a lot of entertainment awaiting fans and punters alike.

F1 World Champion
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MotoGP Calendar

The MotoGP calendar is closely watched throughout the year, and the unveiling of the same evokes a large amount of interest amongst fans. The campaign is 19 rounds long with several circuits from around the world being involved in hosting races. The MotoGP start time for 2021 was on March 10 and will conclude on November 17. Some circuits are located in Spain, Britain, France, Italy, the United States of America, Qatar, Japan, and Malaysia. The MotoGP schedule for 2021 started with the Qatar Grand Prix and will conclude with the Valencia Grand Prix.

MotoGP: Overview

Teams & Riders

There are 16 teams in MotoGP 2021. They have different allegiances with six constructors involved — Aprilia, Ducati, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and KTM — these manufacturers are eyeing to become the Constructors’ Champion, which is one of the vital interests throughout the campaign. The constructors pick up points depending on the scores picked up by the riders. There are 26 riders for the 2021 campaign. These riders pick up points depending on their finish position. It’s possible to pick up locations even if the riders finish in a low 15th place, which will yield one point. However, the battle will be at the top when riders take home a whopping 25 points for winning the race. The runner-up will receive 20 points while the third-place finish earns 16 points.

MotoGP Betting

MotoGP World Championship

The process of MotoGP betting is no different compared to other sports. The knowledge of the various factors like racers, riders, and weather, is crucial to success. It’s critical to analyze previous races in the campaign, earlier events at the particular track, and of any improvements to the machine during the off-season; the sessions leading to the competition are crucial data towards helping a punter determine the winner of the race. It’s recommended to watch the two sessions before the race – practice and qualifying. The presence of a pole position is a critical factor in helping the driver when the race, but it need not be the case always: back in the 2017 campaign, there are only five races in which the pole position provided the eventual winner.

The unpredictability of MotoGP does make betting on this sport fascinating; there are short-term and long-term bets available. Some of the short-term bets like the pole position, podium position, top-six finish, maximum points, fastest lap, and winner of the race are rather popular. The punters can also go a step ahead by picking a rider or manufacturer to win the respective races.


There are some key markets when it comes to Moto GP bets.

Riders’ Championship

This is the outright bet where the punter will be required to predict the rider who will be able to win the riders’ championship. This is, for sure, one of the most popular outside the individual race bets.

Constructor’s Championship

This outright bet is used to predict the constructor who will be able to claim the maximum number of points at the end of the campaign. This is as prestigious as the riders’ championship.

Race Winner

The odds for this market are widely available thanks to the immense popularity. Here, the punter is merely required to predict the winner of a race. Many strategies will be applied by teams to secure the win.

Pole Position

Even though this market is not as common as the previous ones, the pole position has become increasingly popular of late. The market involves the prediction of the first position in the starting grid. The winner may not necessarily start on pole, as several other factors, like strategy, do contribute to the winner.


MotoGP Betting

There are many ways and strategies through which a punter can get the better of the bookies when it comes to this sport. Apart from shopping for odds by using a proper comparative tool, it also makes sense to go with bookmakers. They are known to provide a lot of offers. Bankroll management is also a key strategy since it’s effortless to end up losing all your money in just the first event; since the MotoGP campaign is spread over 19 races, the bankroll should last throughout the campaign and be valid for the outright markets, which are some of the rewarding.

The availability of advanced statistics will be able to provide a lot of detail into the riders’ performance. The specific performance level of a team is also apparent from the statistics, which is available on MotoGP’s official site; crucially, these statistics are in-depth, and it will help pick a winner in a much better way.

Every rider also has a preference when it comes to the track; each of the Moto GP course has a lot of variations, and individual riders tend to favor certain types of tracks. In such a scenario, being on top of this information will be massive assistance when it comes to succeeding in a race. There are also other factors like a crash affecting the rider’s moral and psychological aspects on a specific track. This can significantly affect the outcome, although the same may not be apparent on the odds.

The psychological element of being involved in the title race should be considered towards the end of the season. Inexperienced riders may tend to buckle under pressure towards the end of the season when they are involved in a title race. In such a scenario, it makes sense to go with the experienced riders for the championship, although this should not be the only criterion.

Results and Standings

MotoGP Strategies

The MotoGP standings are followed with close fascination around the world. The intense battle fought on the track translates into a similar fight in terms of the standings: the riders’, manufacturers’, and teams’ ratings.

The riders’ standings will reflect the race for the Championship title amongst many of them. It will show the points that are awarded to a rider after the end of a race. Among 26 riders who enter into each race, the top 15 will be given points. The first place will receive 25 points, while 20 points will be given to the second-place finish. The third place in the race is enough to award a return of 16 points.

There is also a dedicated table for the teams’ standings, and it will reflect the points taken by each of 11 teams involved in this campaign. Although teams may have a large portion of their performance attributed to the constructor, substantial differences are owing to the budget. This causes a difference in terms of driver talent, parts upgrade, and overall reliability of the components.

MotoGP Highlights

The MotoGP highlights are a great way to catch all the action that has taken place in a specific race weekend when there is little time to watch the whole race. The highlights will be able to compress all the necessary information into a few-minute package. It’s an essential requirement to catch up with them to get more information about the minor details in a race. This would be important in doing well in the forthcoming races from a betting perspective, as every piece of information helps.

Latest News MotoGP

A punter needs to stay on top of the MotoGP results and several other parameters to be successful when it comes to making money out of this sport. Since several factors play a role in the success of a rider/team, the recent news helps in being aware of all latest updates on developments that take place in the world of MotoGP. Thankfully, there are plenty of revenues from where the latest news regarding the sport can be obtained knowing that this information is 100% accurate. There are multiple sources to get the news regarding this competition, but it is better to go with sites that have an excellent reputation.