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Overview of Mexico Grand Prix

The Mexico Grand Prix is an auto race event sanctioned by the FIA. It’s held at the Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez. Since its inception in 1962 as a non-championship event, it has quickly gathered an unparalleled fan following. It was later held as a championship event every year between 1963-1970 and 1986-1992. In 2015, it returned to that circuit, and the latest edition is the last of a five-year deal.

F1 World Champion
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The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit

This Mexico Grand Prix circuit, named after drivers Ricardo and Pedro Rodríguez who lost their lives behind the wheel, is situated in Magdalena Mixhuaca Sports City. That circuit was heavily modified when Mexico Grand Prix f1 returned in 2015. Every corner of that course has been renovated, especially near the track’s end. That’s now littered with slow bends’ series.

The Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez Circuit

On that long start/finish straight, faster cars regularly clock speeds of up to 328kmph. Some vehicles like these modern V6 hybrid turbo have managed to reach top speeds of more than 370kmph thanks to extended straights. That circuit is 4.3 kilometers long and has a 2,285 meters’ elevation. That air is thin at such high altitudes that make it difficult for both drivers and their cars to sustain 71 race’s laps.

This Mexico Grand Prix location has borne brunt of many ups and downs. Due to crowd control problems in 1970, race was canceled for these following years. However, it reappeared in 1986 despite being struck by an earthquake that killed almost 10,000 people.

Mexico Grand Prix 2020 Schedule and Timings

The Mexico Grand Prix was held between 30th October and 01st November 2020. The first two days are held for practice sessions. Drivers can participate in two one-and-a-half-hour practice sessions. These practice sessions start at 1000hrs local time for both days. This qualifying session begins at 1300hrs local time on Saturday the 26th.

The Mexico Grand Prix time for race’s start is set at 1310hrs local time on Sunday the 27th. These timings are still tentative and are subject to change without notification. People are advised to verify the timings on each of these three days. This timetable for activities will be updated.

Mexico Grand Prix Formula 1 2020: Drivers and Teams

The latest edition of formula 1 racing has undergone a few changes for this season. Teams have unanimously agreed on a few minor changes to aerodynamics. Overtaking will be made simpler with these improvements and should improve that problem by 20 percent. Another significant change is that only two teams will be allowed to keep the same line-up. That whole set of changes in technical and sporting regulations can be read here. This list of drivers and teams that will be participating in Mexico Grand Prix 2020 are as follows:

  • Antonia Giovinazzi of Italy will be driving for Alfa Romeo
  • Kimi Raikkonen of Finland will be driving for Alfa Romeo
  • Charles Leclerc of Monaco will be driving for Ferrari
  • Sebastian Vettel of Germany will be driving for Ferrari
  • Romain Grosjean of France will be driving for Haas
  • Kevin Magnussen of Denmark will be driving for Haas
  • Lando Norris of Great Britain will be driving for McLaren
  • Carlos Sainz of Spain will be driving for McLaren
  • Valterri Bottas of Finland will be driving for Mercedes
  • Lewis Hamilton of Great Britain will be driving for Mercedes
  • Sergio Perez of Mexico will be driving for Racing Point
  • Lance Stroll of Canada will be driving for Racing Point
  • Pierre Gasly of France will be driving for Red Bull
  • Max Verstappen of Netherlands will be driving for Red Bull
  • Nico Hulkenberg of Germany will be driving for Renault
  • Daniel Ricciardo of Australia will be driving for Renault
  • Alexander Albon of Thailand will be driving for Toro Rosso
  • Daniil Kvyat of Russia will be driving for Toro Rosso
  • Robert Kubica of Poland will be driving for Williams
  • George Russell of Great Britain will be driving for Williams

Mexico Grand Prix Betting

While betting for Mexico Grand Prix, it’s essential to know current form of drivers and teams. Additionally, one has to keep in mind that Mexico Grand Prix circuit is unique with a different challenges’ set. Previous Mexico Grand Prix results are to be kept in mind before betting. In last year’s edition, Max Verstappen of Red Bull came out as winner. Other known names like Hamilton of Mercedes did not even get third spot even though he was in most likelihood number one contender for the first spot. Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari clinched second and third spot respectively last year.

The winning’s odds for Verstappen were at 5/1 last year, and he managed to do that. He has always been that main threat for Hamilton whose odds were at 2/1. However, it won’t be too much of a gamble to bet on Hamilton for upcoming races. So far in season Hamilton already has the greatest wins’ number. It would be unsurprising to see him get at least a podium finish in this year’s Mexico Grand Prix.

Other than podium finishes, there are different categories as well that can be betted on. There is a Driver vs. Driver match bet. In this category, bookie will pick two drivers, and punter can bet on which one will finish in a higher position. Under this category, the most obvious match will be between Hamilton and Verstappen, given their previous rivalry. However, bookie could match up drivers from a lower category, such as Bottas vs. Vettel. Another betting category is of the faster lap. This one is quite unpredictable. As was witnessed in 2018 F1 season, it’s not usually winner that does the fastest lap. Underdogs may not always win, but they do speed through to get the best lap timing like Kevin Magnussen of Haas did last year. It only takes a lap to get winnings, but odds are highly unpredictable.

Betting Review of 2020 Mexico Grand Prix

Last year’s betting was a mixed bag. Hamilton was expected to win with 2/1 odds, but he couldn’t manage a podium finish. However, his performance last year at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit made sure that he clinched his fifth world championship – four over these previous five years. These big three – Ferrari, Mercedes, and Red Bull – maintained their titular prestige and bets made on them were considered safe. Before last year’s Mexico Grand Prix formula 1, Red Bull was considered the worst of big three. But after Verstappen delivered a match-winning performance, odds might well be tilted in Red Bull’s favor for 2020 as well.

The Hamilton vs. Verstappen odds were pegged against Hamilton since he needed to focus on only crossing finish line. Vettel of Ferrari, on the other hand, had odds of +200 for a podium finish and he managed to clinch that second spot.

The 2020 Mexico Grand Prix will be hard to predict. That circuit itself is quite challenging for drivers and teams because of its altitude but thanks to changes in aerodynamics, teams will fare better in these conditions than before. These drivers and their teams will be taking a good look at all changes in regulations that may come into play in the latest edition.

Being the last race of a five-year deal, city might be looking to get the most out of this race until contract renews. These Formula 1’s big three are predicted to dominate and continue their winning trends here as well. Hamilton, having won most of races this season, will be looking to extend his lead to clinch his sixth world championship. This will bring him one step closer to all-time legend Michael Schumacher.

But competition is fierce, especially with Verstappen and Vettel winning top two spots respectively in the last year’s edition. For betting purposes, big three still fancy healthier odds than any other teams as last year’s betting suggests. Teams will still be geared to take up challenge and give traditional winners a run for their money. However, it will be a surprise if they managed to get even podium finishes in the latest edition of Mexico Grand Prix formula 1.

Mexican Grand Prix Live

The Silver Arrows were the champions for the sixth time in a row in Japan, with the results narrowing down to Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, thereby ensuring a deal-breaking six world titles at a run. In the last two years, Max Verstappen was at the top of the world when the celebrations of Hamilton were becoming more enduring. If you want to watch Mexican Grand Prix live, you can simply do so on TV.


For the residents of the UK, each session of the Mexican GP live stream can be shown on the Sky Sports channel, which is dedicated to F1. Additionally, if you subscribe to it, you will be able to watch the Mexico Grand Prix live stream via the Sky Go app on your smartphone or tablet device.

You can also choose to purchase the NOW TV Day Pass that is available for £8.99. All the coverage can be watched on your computer, tablet, mobile device, and smart TV.

Sadly, the Mexican Grand Prix live stream is not available on Channel 4. Only the British Grand Prix will be televised in the UK this year. However, you can still enjoy the highlights of the 20 other races on Channel 4.


For American users, ESPN is the best option if you want to watch Mexico Grand Prix on TV. The first and second practice sessions on Friday will be showcased on ESPNU, and the practice and the qualifying rounds will be aired on ESPNEWS. The race on Sunday will be broadcast on ABC for free. All the coverage on ESPN will be redirected from UK’s Sky Sports. Additionally, the ESPN app will allow you to stream Mexican GP on TV.


For Australian users, each live session will be on Fox Sports, which is a subscription service. Again, the coverage will be redirected from the UK’s Sky Sports. The Network Ten will cover the Australian Grand Prix live only and will televise the highlights of the other 20 races of this year.


For audience from Canada, the qualifying, practice, and the race will be aired live on TSN — a subscription channel — by redirecting from UK’s Sky Sports. Alternatively, if you do not have time to switch on your TV, you can try the TSN GO app. Coverage in French will be available on RDS to subscribers only.