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US Grand Prix: Overview

The US Grand Prix is one of the top events in F1 calendar. Even though the first edition of that event started in 1908, it has been held on and off. Despite this immense popularity of other motorsports in America, there is a significant spike in interest ahead of US Grand Prix start time. US F1 Grand Prix is held towards this latter part of year making it very crucial in that title race. Even though, event has been held at various locations in the US, it has now settled in Texas.

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Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas

US Grand Prix location is in Texas at Circuit of the Americas. This track first opened in 2012, and it has been designed by Hermann Tilke, who is behind famous circuits in Shanghai, Sepang, Bahrain, and Istanbul. Apart from hosting F1 races, course also hosts several competitions like IndyCar series, Moto GP, and Americas Rallycross Championship.

The US Grand Prix track is 5.513 km long, and there are 20 turns. Lewis Hamilton holds that lap record of 1:37.392 set in his Mercedes in 2018. One of specialties of this track is use of a counter-clockwise direction. Thus, it’s one of handfuls of tracks – Interlagos, Marina Bay, Yas Marina, and Korea International circuit – in Formula 1 calendar to adopt this style. There is a greater amount of lateral G-Force that’s different from clockwise circuits. This results in more considerable physical energy exertion for drivers. This track has received highly positive reviews ever since its introduction.

US Grand Prix Schedule

When: 23-25 October 2020

The United States Grand Prix is usually one of the last ones on the calendar. This adds to excitement since this race is often accompanied by fierce competition between drivers and teams for two championship titles on offer. In initial few years after its reintroduction to calendar, this Grand Prix was penultimate race. Brazilian race followed it. New additions to the racing calendar have pushed this event further ahead, but Brazilian race still follows it. 2020 calendar year sees the US Grand Prix just behind Mexican Grand Prix.

Drivers & Teams

The event is likely to be rich with a lot of talent fighting for title, but Lewis Hamilton may have sealed Drivers’ Championship title owing to his impeccable pace this year. Hamilton has opened up a huge lead over his teammate Valtteri Bottas, and Brit has been that undisputed champion at getting US Grand Prix results. Immediately after event returned to calendar at its new location, Hamilton praised this circuit. He has now picked up six wins – more than any other driver and one more than Michael Schumacher.

Valtteri Bottas has not managed a victory since the first few races of 2020 season, but he has been showing a lot of space and consistency. Finn remains in contention for Drivers’ Championship title even with Hamilton in impeccable form. Pace shown by Bottas has been apparent in the four pole positions that he has picked up in the first ten races of season.

Ferrari has been the most successful when it comes to US Grand Prix races, but they have only managed one victory in the last decade. The most successful ever for Italian team came at the start of millennium when they picked up five wins on trot. This year has been tough for Ferrari with team struggling even to pick up a single win. Surprisingly, the last victory for Ferrari came at 2018 US Grand Prix, and they are the last US Grand Prix winners.

Mercedes have been on a roll since the second half of last season, and team stands in pole position to pick up Constructors’ Championship. Mercedes have registered a 1-2 finish in a staggering seven out of ten races this season. This incredible dominance has seen team opened up a huge lead in Constructors’ Championship table.

Even though Red Bull has been quite good in recent races, team does not have this pace to get into the front. Mercedes have also shown a lot of reliability, and that’s something that Red Bull has to deal with. These issues with design of car – following these regulation changes regarding the front wing – continue to plague these likes of Verstappen, who have shown a lot of form. It may be difficult for Red Bull to sort out these issues in the middle of season.

US Grand Prix Betting

Unlike races like Italian Grand Prix that are consistent names in the season, US Grand Prix has gone missing from schedule at times. As a result, it makes more sense to focus on current form when it comes to betting on this event.

The race winner, pole position, and fastest lap are very promising odds for this event. The trends coming into the race have been overwhelmingly positive in favor of teams like Mercedes and Red Bull. Drivers such as Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas will be that key men to watch. The two major titles on offer may have been sealed by the time this event kicks off. This can actually result in less pressure on drivers and create some harmonious environment for some excellent racing.

Betting Review by Players

The form of Valtteri Bottas in qualifying sessions is something to concentrate on. After having picked up four pole positions in the first ten races, Bottas is in an excellent place to pick up the same outcome at US Grand Prix qualifying session.

Sebastian Vettel is way behind in the Drivers’ Championship. It’s tough to see Ferrari driver make a comeback in the last 11 races of campaign. Even if he does, United States Grand Prix has not been a favorite location for German, who has been able to pick up a victory at this track only once in his career. That lack of pace from Ferrari has put them under pressure from Red Bull when it comes to Constructors’ Championship. The team is only a handful of points in front, and Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has been showing form throughout this campaign.

Verstappen finished second in the 2018 edition of US Grand Prix, and this happens to be his best finish. A good pick in betting tips would be to back Dutch driver to finish in the pole positions. Even though Red Bull has not been the most consistent car on the great this season, alarming gap between Mercedes and rest of grid means that it’s difficult to find value.

A good pick for race winner would be Lewis Hamilton, who may have sealed Drivers’ Championship title by the time this race kicks off. Hamilton has been in incredible form, and he is edging closer towards a remarkable sixth Championship title. This would put Brit just one behind Michael Schumacher and his merchandise has been selling like hotcakes. Since Hamilton always seems to favor racing at this track, Brit can be expected to win ahead of his Finnish teammate, who will pose a lot of competition, nonetheless.

Mercedes have a strong history at circuit after claiming five wins. Even though they are quite far away from Ferrari’s return of 10 wins from US Grand Prix, form shown by Germans has been incredible. It should be remembered that Hamilton set this lap record on this track only last year in Mercedes AMG F1 W09 EQ Power+. It would not be a surprise if Formula 1 US Grand Prix witnessed a new record given this pace shown by Mercedes in the first ten races of that season.