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Russian Grand Prix 2020

The stage of the Formula 1 World Championship, which will be held at the Sochi Autodrom from September 24 to 27, will be the most ambitious motorsport event of the year in Russia.

Russian Grand Prix is the highest motorsport category for unique cars with open wheels. The most professional pilots from all over the world are fighting under the applause of millions of fans. The sports weekend of Formula 1 consists of three training sessions, Russian Grand Prix qualifying, and a race in which the winner of the Russian Grand Prix is ​​determined. After the finish of the race, the three winners and the representative of the winning team will rise to the podium for the award ceremony.

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Russian Grand Prix Track Overview: Sochi Autodrom

Russian F1 Grand Prix in Sochi is respectfully considered as one of the most anticipated events of the current year. As you know, today there are only 66 professional racing tracks that allow conducting Formula 1 races. All of them are located in America, Europe, and Australia. More recently, Russia could not have imagined what would be included in this number. The Sochi Autodrom track was built specifically for this event. It is located on the territory of the Olympic Park and its configuration is close to the Gilles Villeneuve race track for Canadian Grand Prix. Despite this comparison, the track in Sochi has a number of its unique features:

  • The length of the Sochi Autodrom is 5832 meters;
  • Number of turns – 16;
  • The maximum possible speed on straight sections of the highway is 300 kilometers per hour;
  • More than 42 thousand fans and fans can easily sit along the track.

Evaluation of the Sochi Autodrom gave a lot of fans. According to Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso, this Russian track turned out to be interesting and unusual. It has a good level of grip on the car, which is quite unusual for new racetracks. That’s why F1 Russian Grand Prix will be rather fantastic and exciting for everyone, who can’t live without the events of this kind.

F1 Russian Grand Prix Start Time

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So, what time does Russian Grand Prix start? Like in 2019, the Russian Grand Prix will be held in late September, a week after the race in Singapore and two weeks before the stage in Japan. The stage of the Formula 1 World Cup at Sochi Autodrom will be the most ambitious motorsport event of the year in Russia. The best pilots in the world on technically advanced fireballs will fight for the sixth time for victory on the track in the Olympic Park. Russian Grand Prix qualifying time will be the most exciting. A large-scale entertainment program and concerts in the territory of the Russian Grand Prix will give visitors incredible emotions and drive. So, if you are fond of F1, you are welcome to Sochi in autumn as the race will take place from September 25 till September 27.

F1 Russian Grand Prix Schedule

Russian Grand Prix start time UK will be almost the same as it was last year. So, the schedule of F1 in Russia in 2020 is the following:

  • 27 Sep – Race 14:10 – 16:10
  • 26 Sep – Qualifying 15:00 – 16-00
  • 26 Sep – Practice 3 12:00 – 13:00
  • 25 Sep – Practice 2 15:00 – 16:30
  • 25 Sep – Practice 1 11:00 – 12:30

The most important Russian Grand Prix qualifying race will take place on September 26.

Russian F1 Grand Prix Drivers & Teams

The teams of drivers for Russian F1 Grand Prix 2020 are the following:

  • Mercedes Team – Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas
  • Ferrari Team – Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc
  • Red Bull Racing Team – Max Verstappen and Alex Albon
  • Renault F1 Team – Esteban Ocon and Daniel Ricciardo
  • Haas F1 Team – Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean
  • Racing Point Team – Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll
  • McLaren Team – Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris
  • Toro Rosso Team – Daniel Quat and Pierre Gasly
  • Alfa Romeo Team – Kimi Raikkonen and Antonio Giovinazzi
  • Williams Team – George Russell and Nicholas Latifi

Russian Grand Prix Odds

Formula 1 bets can be divided into three large groups: season bets, qualification bets, and race bets. Everything is clear with the first: these are predictions for the winner of the championship and the holder of the Cup of designers (team classification). Two other species need to be addressed in more detail.

Qualifying Bets

Bookmakers, as a rule, do not give a wide line for qualification and are limited to comparing pilots and the qualification winner. Moreover, for the most part, this is a comparison of two representatives of the same team, and the coefficient for one of the riders is usually noticeably less than for his partner. This is due to the fact that with the identical technique in qualification, the skill of the pilot decides everything, and to predict who will get ahead of who is quite simple.

Race Betting

The race is offered a much wider line. You can also compare two pilots. This is one of the easiest options. The winner is the driver who is higher in the final classification, and only if they both leave the distance after a collision with each other, the bet is calculated as a refund. Make sure you remember who won Russian Grand Prix last year. You can bet on what place this or that pilot will take in the final classification. A 1x bet, for example, gives the following options: race winner, 1st to 3rd place, 1st to 6th place, and 1st to 10th place.

Descent rates are also extremely popular. More precisely, these are bets on whether one or another pilot will fall into the final classification.

Betting on Russian F1 Grand Prix

When choosing candidates for a bet on Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, one should be guided by the alignment of forces in the peloton. There are several races in the season when it is most difficult to evaluate the strength of pilots and the level of preparation of cars.

This is the first two or three races of the season, at these stages, it is better to assess the capabilities and prospects of the teams. It is unpromising to calculate and study the strategies of teams for the race, because each team does not talk about their plans, moreover, leaders often change tactics during the race, for example, the appearance of a safety car in the second half of the race allows you to make an unscheduled pit stop and win the race by fresh tires.

Another strategy involves changing the positions of pilots by order of the boxes, to predict this alignment can be in those teams where there is a conditional division into the first and second pilots. The situation for motorsport is not entirely perfect, but it is quite common, therefore, bookmakers do not have bets on the fight of two pilots from the same team.

Difficult weather conditions add intrigue in each race, but bet on the fact that on a wet Russian Grand Prix track there will be an advantage for a particular rider is not worth it. The technical condition of the cars is at such a level that rain settings, for example, increased ground clearance by 1 cm, will allow an outsider to easily fight for victory in the rain if the leaders of the peloton race cars have lower ground clearance. And vice versa, the leader of the championship with rain settings will roll back to the end if it does not rain. How each car is tuned in each team can be evaluated on Friday and Saturday training.

Betting Tips from Tipsters

The great predictability of modern Formula 1 allows fans to earn money on bets in this sport. Specialists prefer two options for a long-term game – catch-up and the Dutch system. In the case of catching up, the better should choose a rider from among the favorites and bet on him until victory, the amount of the bet must be increased to compensate for the loss in the previous round.

Few athletes can win a few Grand Prix in the field, but the odds are small. This strategy is quite risky, so we strongly recommend thinking twice before using it. As part of the Dutch system, which provides bets on several racers, the bettor, in addition to the specifics of the races, needs to understand mathematics. The essence of the strategy lies in several bets so that as a result of the victory of one of the racers, the player is still in the black. In this case, the maximum amount is placed on the rider with a lower coefficient, with an increase in the coefficient, the amount of the bet decreases.

Now you know everything to make the right bets, so take your time and find as much information about previous races as you can. This will help to choose the best strategy to make bets and buy Russian Grand Prix tickets today if you don’t want to miss the event.

Russian Grand Prix 2020
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