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Chinese Grand Prix 2020 Event Cancelled Due To Coronavirus

The Chinese Grand Prix 2020 has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. The Formula 1 race, which was meant to take place in Shanghai was called off by the F1 regulatory body as a necessary precaution amidst the growing Coronavirus that originated from Wuhan, the province of China. The event was initially scheduled for the 19th of April in Shanghai, but a decision was taken to push it in the timeline. Let’s find out more about the Chinese Grand Prix coronavirus issue.

The cancellation makes Chinese Grand Prix the fourth successive race to be cancelled from the 2020 F1 calendar. F1 racers, teams, fans, and gambling platforms have expressed their disappointment in turn of events.

The F1 season will be looking to kick off in the EU with the European F1 races, but a shadow of doubt has also been cast over that possibility with the growing number of cases in Europe. The promoters of the Chinese Grand Prix have requested that the race will be rescheduled for a later date in the season. However, with the 2020 Formula 1 calendar containing a record-breaking 22 races, it will be difficult to reschedule the cancelled races.

The FIA Public Release On The Cancellation Of The Chinese Grand Prix 2020

The cancellation of the Chinese Grand Prix was released by the Formula 1 governing body. The statement contained that in the face of the widespread of the COVID-19 virus, the governing body in conjunction with Shanghai Sports Council, Juss Sports Group, the Federation of Motorcycle, and Automobile Sports of China (CAMF), and the promoters of the Chinese Grand Prix have made the decision to postpone the race in obedience to WHO recommendations regarding the spread of the deadly Coronavirus. The announcement came against the backdrop of the African World Health Organization concerns regarding the high risk of the spread of the virus in large crowds. The decision to cancel the race was taken as a measure to prioritize the safety and health of the drivers, team staffs, fans, and the people of Shanghai.

The statement didn’t contain any specification as to the rescheduled date of the cancelled race. At the moment uncertainty surrounds the entire formula season, and the 2020 F1 calendar is set to be subject to review due to the impact of the COVID-19 virus.

The Revision Of The 2020 Formula One Season Calendar

According to the F1 Chief Executive Officer Chase Carey, the 2020 F1 calendar is going to be revised amidst the string of cancelled races brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. The F1 revealed that the regulatory body would work closely with the teams to change the calendar. The revision will see cancelled races rescheduled to a later date in consultation with race promoters. However, it is expected that races will be cramped up, and teams will have to abandon their summer break.

F1 Drivers To Compete In Virtual Grand Prix

The F1 body has revealed plans for a virtual Grand Prix that will see F1 drivers compete in a virtual Grand Prix. The idea behind the virtual competition is to give fans the chance to enjoy formula one racing despite the COVID-19 virus that has hampered the F1 calendar. The drivers will compete remotely to maintain social distancing. Fans can stream the races and also bet on the races from various sports gambling platforms.

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