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A Comprehensive Overview of Hungarian Grand Prix

Once every year, all the racers and fans of racing throng to Mogyorod in Hungary, which is the Hungarian Grand Prix location. The Hungarian Grand Prix is a motor racing game. The Hungarian Grand Prix start time was 21 June in the year 1936 where the track was arranged in Budapest. Bernie Ecclestone was the one under whose drive the track was built. Ecclestone wanted a venue in Eastern Europe where the F1 Championship could be held.

There were three cars each from Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, and Auto Union, which ensured that a large number of people attended the event. But, unfortunately, a lot of internal politics and diplomacy brought the racing to an end until the next 50 years.

To date, the game has been held for 34 times, and the length of the race is 306.630 km. The range of the circuit is 4.381km. The racers have to complete 70 laps. To date, Lewis Hamilton has achieved the most number of wins in the game. This is the only racing game in Eastern Europe. The distance encompasses a total of 610m. The longest flat out in the race is 908m. The driver with a lap record is Michael Schumacher.

F1 World Champion
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Know About the Hungaroring Circuit

Hungaroring Circuit

Since the year 1986, Formula One has been in the racing scene in Hungary. It was outside Budapest that a circuit that was purpose-built was set up. One of the significant concerns of racers with the track has been that it is narrow and overtaking is quite a task on the track.

In the year 1989, a restoration of the track took place at the third turn because of a water spring. Two additional corners also had to be incorporated. This twisty race track has been a stronghold in the Hungarian Grand Prix circuit.

The structure of the track is also a reason why the races are slow, and oftentimes you will see cars following one another. You will very rarely see a pass and pit strategy is also very critical. In the year 2013, when the races were held, a decision was taken in favor of Hungary being the location of the races until the year 2021. In the year, a resurfacing of the track was seen, along with an announcement that the Grand Prix’s Deal would continue to work until 2026.

FIA and FOM have given their approval to the circuit, which is always going through changes to become the best in the world. The F1 testings mostly take place here because of its world-class infrastructure. The tracks are also said to be among the safest in the world and at the same time hosting races that create a thrill among fans all across the globe.

Find out the Hungarian Grand Prix Schedule

For all the fans who want to be a witness to the Hungarian Grand Prix formula 1 this year, we have a schedule of the whole race-ready for you. The game starts on 31 July and will go on till 2 August 2020. So, all the fans out there, your weekend is packed! Although, there is always a slight chance of changes being made in the schedule, which is not very likely to happen if all goes well. So, book your tickets now and join the craze this year.

Drivers & Teams in the Hungarian Grand Prix

If you are not already familiar with the world champions in the races, then you do not need to worry. We are here to acquaint you with the topmost drivers and teams who are currently in the circuit. Here is a list of the drivers:

    1. Carlos Sainz

    2. Lando Norris

    3. Daniel Ricciardo

    4. Charles Leclerc

    5. Pierre Gasly

    6. Lewis Hamilton

    7. Max Verstappen

    8. Valtteri Bottas

    9. Kimi Raikkonen

    10. Sebastian Vettel

Now that we know the names of the expert drivers who have consistently won in the races let us familiarize you with the names of the teams. Below you can take a look at the names of the teams in the Hungarian Grand Prix:

    1. Red Bull Racing

    2. Mercedes

    3. McLaren

    4. Ferrari

    5. Alfa Romeo

    6. Renault

    7. Haas

    8. Racing Point

    9. Williams

    10. Toro Rosso

Know About Hungarian Grand Prix Betting From The Best

Thinking of placing a few bets here and there in the next Hungarian Grand Prix races? If yes, then you have arrived at the right destination. We are here to offer you the best Hungarian Grand Prix betting tips which will help you bet smartly in the races and make some pretty big wins. When the German GP is finished, the price of the Hungarian GP will go up, and you can start betting.

Our bookmakers scan the whole racing market so you should always check out our bookmakers before you start betting. With the best of the tips and odds, you are sure to make some good wins in the races. As a smart bettor, you should search for the best value among the 3 to 4 qualifiers that are on the top.

It is advisable if you bet on someone who is in the P5 position or one of the positions that are at the start. P3 and P2 have an excellent steadiness when they have to get on the podium. With a smart driver, betting on this area can have outstanding odds for you. Now looking at P4 and P5, you are looking at fast cars, but the qualifying session has not been awe-inspiring. This is a common occurrence if you look at any top 3 or 6 bets, but this is even more so when it comes to Hungarian Grand Prix races.

There is a good possibility that P1, P2, and P3 will be occupying the best finishing positions. So, in case you are betting on P4 or P5, you have to see a driver with great potential who has a record of multiple podiums on other races during the ongoing season.

If you are thinking of good wins, a smart thing to do is it bet on several drivers. A good choice is to choose drivers who hardly crash, and their cars have proven to be quite sturdy and unfailing during the last races of the season. For maintaining consistency in wins on the top 6 bets, you can go for P7 or better. Now, this can be quite risky, although it might sound strange to you. This is because, in most of the seasons, some driver in between P8 and P12 has always finished in the top 6 but taking your chances on a single guy is your real gamble.

Betting Review on the Hungarian Grand Prix

If you look at a Formula 1 race, then it is usually the fact that the fastest cars will be at the front while the rest of the cars lag behind. The largest numbers of followers are usually found on Formula 1 races, and there is a solid betting audience of these races across the world today.

You can either bet on one single race in F1 championships or on the whole season. There are various kinds of bets that you can place starting from runners up bets, to top 3 or top 6 bets. You can also predict the driver who will end up being the winner of the whole championship. You will find out more about strategies, tips, and the like below.

The races in 2018 were as exciting as always. During the first weekend of the games, Ferrari had a good chance of winning, but due to misfortune, it was Lewis Hamilton that won over Vettel and his partner. The Hungarian Grand Prix results are something that every fan waits for with bated breath.

Not only this, the game was so exciting that the bettors were on their toes to see who would win. The qualifying rounds of the 2018 games were done on tracks that were wet with rain where the car of Mercedes did pretty well. On the other hand, Red Bull’s car did not perform up to the mark.

Hamilton showed his expertise and therefore, was leading Mercedes. Kimi Raikkonen followed him. Ferrari and Mercedes were struggling neck to neck. The win of Hamilton where he rose from the 14th to the first was legendary. In contrast, Vettel has a crash and turned which seemed like a turning point for Mercedes in the season. The entire track was under a lot of commotion. Vettel was the one who was affected the most. His car could not be stopped at the hairpin bend and went into a crash, finally ending the race.

Hamilton was gaining speed at the front and was on track. The focus was on Ferrari and Mercedes but speaking from an expert point of view. The circuit would have suited Red Bull the best. We have to consider Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen for calculations.

Hungarian Grand Prix Live Stream

The races at Silvermore and in Austria were nothing short of splendid. Additionally, they were followed by a gush of rain at Hockenheim, thereby leaving the fans asking for more! Now, they do not have to wait as the Hungaroring beckons this coming weekend.

Lewis Hamilton, the World Championship leader, and the all-star Mercedes team will be hungry enough to put up their disappointing Sunday show in Germany behind. On the other hand, Sebastian Vettel will be looking for opportunities for Ferrari to build up again, despite being off the grid. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen, Red Bull’s rocket man, will be riding high based on his two great races out of the three.


Sky Sports and Channel 4 will be covering every race for this season in the UK. Additionally, you can watch the Hungarian Grand Prix Channel 4’s highlights in the evening. The Hungarian Grand Prix live stream will be televised on Sky Sports F1 all year long, and you can watch both the qualifying and full races the next day as well.

If you cannot access TV, you can watch the Hungarian Grand Prix live updates on the BBC Sport website; also, you will be able to get to a full commentary on 5live Sports Extra.

North America

Fox Sports has the rights to the entire F1 season and will distribute the race between its channels. Earlier they have been telecasted on CNBC; however, the Hungarian Grand Prix will be covered on the NBC Sports Network. Both the practices and qualifying races will be shown.

Germany and India

For Germany and India, Sky Sports Deutschland and Star Sports network will be airing the Hungarian GP live, respectively.


Sky Go will stream all the races. You can make use of different devices to view the championship like iPad, PlayStation 3, and your smartphones. If you are not subscribed to the services of Sky Sports, you can watch the Hungarian Grand Prix live on Now TV; all you need to do is make a one-time payment.

With so many options to watch Hungarian Grand Prix, there are no excuses to miss it, as all the Hungarian Grand Prix TV coverage and streaming are being made available globally.