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Austin MotoGP 2024

The Austin GP is one of the premier motor racing events in the world, and it’s a regular feature in the MotoGP calendar. MotoGP Austin dates differ from one season to another, but it was prominently featured as the third race in the campaign over the last three seasons. The Circuit of the Americas Austin happens to be the next location, followed with anticipation from around the world. Even though the race primarily occupies the early part of the Championship campaign, the Austin race track comes with a lot of challenges that put the riders to test straight away. The difficulty of the circuit is unsurprisingly translated into a problem when it comes to betting on this event.

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Circuit of the Americas

Circuit of the Americas

The Circuit of the Americas is one of the top motor racing facilities in the world. Apart from hosting Moto GP races, it hosts IndyCar Classic, Formula 1, American Rallycross, and the FIM Road Racing championships, and many others. Even though it was purpose-built for hosting Formula One races, the layout has become much appreciated amongst other motorsport events. The circuit is 5.513 km length, and it comprises of 20 turns.

This track managed to replace Indianapolis as the destination for the American MotoGP, and it has since been extremely successful. The riders much appreciate it.

Schedule & Dates

The event usually takes place as the third race in the Moto GP calendar. The schedule of 2024 Austin MotoGP was made in such a way that it will take place 12 – 14 APRIL, 2024. The event for the 2024 campaign will take part just after the Portugal and Argentina events. The dates for the 2024 race will be available just before the start of the season. The competition was so successful that it had been picked up from Indianapolis Motor Speedway and Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca as the first choice to host MotoGP events in the US.

Austin MotoGP Riders & Teams

Marc Márquez is tremendously successful when it comes to the Austin MotoGP. He managed to win on six occasions — three times more than any other driver. He won these six races in consecutive years, thus marking tremendous domination by the Spaniards. The success enjoyed by Márquez has also turned into joy for Honda, who has picked up the maximum number of wins (9) at this event. Márquez has been highly successful when it comes to the Riders’ Championship, and he has been able to register five Championship wins on the trot.

Alex Rins is the second most successful rider of the event. His latest success in 2019 resulted in three wins, although this happens to be his first Moto GP victory at Austin. His win in 2019 also marked the first time when Suzuki was able to be the dominance of Honda at this event. So far, Honda has been the only team to win every edition of the Austin GP.

Ducati has had a reasonably successful 2022 campaign. Even though the team is not near Honda in the Manufacturers’ Standings, the drivers have been able to put up an intense fight alongside Yamaha for the second place.

MotoGP Austin Betting

It is essential to be aware of several factors like the markets, form, and even weather, before getting into the process of betting on this event. Since supporters around the world keenly follow the race start time, there are plenty of avenues to catch the competition.

Betting Review

Multiple odds and markets are available for punters. The most important among them would be the odds to predict the winner of the event. This is by far the most popular, but it takes a lot of knowledge to be able to succeed in this market. The intense competition amongst bookmakers means that punters do not just get the opportunity to bet on results, but they can also focus on smaller aspects like qualifying sessions.

The fight to determine the grid position is intense, and the 2024 race will be a perfect reflection of the same. Even though Marc Márquez was on hand to extend his dominance by starting on pole and setting the fastest lap, Álex Rins could win the event after the 26-year-old crashed out. The MotoGP Austin edition is a top-rated competition in the race calendar, and it is equally rich in terms of the markets available to bet on.