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About Racing Point F1 Team

The Racing Point F1 team is a new entrant to the world of Formula One racing, but it is only on paper since the team has its roots going back to 2007 with Force India. Based in Silverstone, Racing Point was able to make use of the team that has gathered a lot of experience in the Force India guise.

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History of Racing Point F1 Team

Racing Point F1 Team

Force India has been around for several years, and the team decided to take a new shape in February 2019. Midway through the campaign, Racing Point came into existence. The arrival of new owners added a lot of zing, who had high expectations of a bright future. Sergio Perez was retained in his seat, while Lance Stroll was brought in from struggling Williams’ outfit. The mixture of youth and experience offers a significant advantage for Racing Point. The team is so confident with its line-up that they have signed both drivers for the Racing Point F1 2021 campaign and beyond.

Betting on Racing Point

Even though this team is not in the upper levels of Formula One, there are still plenty of betting opportunities. Some of the best markets to consider ahead of the Brazilian Grand Prix are:

Points Finish

Brazil has provided a lot of positivity for Perez, who has managed to finish among the points whenever he has been able to complete a race at the Autódromo José Carlos Pace. An excellent price is available to back Perez, while Stroll has continuously struggled with the unique nature of the Brazilian Grand Prix. Stroll has also attempted throughout the season, with a top-10 finish only in Spain and Germany. Meanwhile, Perez has been much better with top-10 finishes in Australia, Spain, Monaco, Germany, and Russia.

  • Sergio Perez – 1/2
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 7/4
  • Lando Norris – 1/3
  • Lance Stroll – 5/2

Both Cars Point Finish

It has been a difficult campaign for Racing Point. The team has only managed to finish only on three occasions. However, Sergio Perez has been performing exceptionally well of late with six of his last seven races ending within the top 10. A good option would be to back Racing Point for a top-10 finish.

  • Racing Point – 9/2
  • Red Bull – 1/4
  • Renault – 5/6
  • Toro Rosso – 6/1

Racing Point Highlights

One of the stellar performances of Racing Point F1 this season came at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix when both drivers were able to pick up points. Purely in terms of finish, Stroll could pick up a fourth-place finish at the German Grand Prix. It was a remarkable drive, which can be seen in this video. Despite starting in a disappointing 15th place on the grid, the Canadian was able to profit from safety car incidents and finish in a fourth-place – ahead of Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, and Valtteri Bottas. Max Verstappen won the event ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Daniil Kvyat.

Racing Point Drivers Profile

Lance Stroll is regarded as one of the talented youngsters on the grid. He is a specialist when it comes to wet weather driving. Since making his debut in 2017, the young rookie has been able to get some decent success under his belt. A podium in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix – in his debut campaign – happens to be his best achievement. After managing a stellar return of 40 points in his first season, the Canadian struggled in his 2018 campaign with Williams. The switch to Racing Point Force India has provided decent rewards with 21 points so far. Yet, Brazil and Abu Dhabi have not been his strengths after never finishing in the top 10 places of these events.

Sergio Perez managed to retain his position from Force India brand, and he has been established names on the grid. Over the years, the Mexican has been part of teams like Sauber, McLaren, and Force India. Even though he is only 29 years old, he has picked up more than 600 points. Despite racing on a moderate budget, Perez has achieved six podium finishes in his career. He has never been able to finish higher than third with his last podium finish coming in the 2018 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Racing Point’s Competitors

Racing Point Drivers

Sportpesa Racing Point is quite a competitive team, but there are several contenders for the Brazilian Grand Prix. It is a priority to bet on the most reliable driver on the grid. Although Sergio Perez has been driving for a team that has struggled throughout the campaign, he has performed well when it comes to Brazil. A fourth-place finish in 2016 is a sign of his superiority at this event. One can also consider teams like:

The likes of Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas are unlikely to be near Racing Point at this event. There is a strong presence from drivers like Romain Grosjean and Charles Leclerc, who have put their best foot forward on this track in recent times. Yet, there are a significant number of advantages when going with F1 Racing Point for a bet. Due to the last performances of Perez, there is a strong reason to expect a good outcome from Racing Point. Even with a race seat confirmed for 2021, Stroll is under enormous pressure. He has only managed two finishes in the top 10.