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Let’s have a closer look at the various football tournaments that every football fan can benefit from while enjoying the game.

English FA Cup

This is also known as the Football Association Challenge Cup. This came into existence in the 1871 season, and it is a knockout competition between the English football clubs. This competition is known as the oldest of all the football competitions in the entire world. There is a similar competition for women. The teams that compete here include all the 92 clubs that are involved in the English Professional Football System. It is made up of 12 rounds, plus a semifinal and final. The selection of teams and fixtures is random and the high ranking teams are allowed to join latter. The FA Trophy is handed to the winners after the finals, and the current holder is Arsenal after defeating Chelsea 21 in the last competition.

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English Football League Trophy

This is a yearly knockout competition organized by the English Association Football. Here, the league one, league two, under-21 teams of the premier division and championship clubs compete. It is seen as the most prestigious of all the English trophies after the FA cup and EFL cup. There are 16 groups from each region with four teams, and there are group stages and knockout rounds. The current holder of the trophy is Coventry City.

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English Premier League

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This stands on top of the entire football played in England. It is on top of the English Football League System. Here, 20 clubs compete for the final trophy in a round robin system. The promotion and relegation system is applied. Here, the member clubs are seen as stakeholders in the premier league corporation. Each team encounters the others in a home and away fixture. This came into being when the members of the Football League First Division decided to move away from the Football League in 1992. This is because of the fact that they wanted to enjoy the huge gains from television rights, against the provisions of the 1888 Football League. In revenue, it generates €2.2 billion per year.

It is currently the most watched of all sports divisions in the world as 643 million homes watch it in 212 territories. This has had forty nine clubs as participants since 1992, and six out of the 49 has been champions. The current champion is Chelsea

English Isthmian Premier

This is a football competition for men, but it only covers the regions of South East and Eastern England and London. Most of the clubs that participate in this are semiprofessional, and Bostik is the official sponsor.

This competition has been in existence since 1905, and it presently has 72 teams from three divisions. This is part of the seventh and eighth level of football in England. It joins the Northern Premier and the Southern premier divisions to form this.

English Southern Premier

This is also referred to as the Evo-Stik League South. It is a men’s football competition, and it is played by amateur and semi professional clubs from the south western part of England. It also involves teams from the South Wales, Midlands of England, and South West, ‘South Central.

This, plus the Northern Premier and the Isthmian League, are regarded as the seventh and eight levels of the English Football System. It now involves 68 clubs in three different divisions, after evolving from the system it had when it started in 1894.

English Professional Development League Two

This is a professional development system for youths. The Premier division or Football League controls and manages this youth football development system, which came into being after the 2012 elite player performance plan was launched.

This stepped out from the Football Commission, Premier Academy League and the Premier Reserve League. This is the system at the third tier of the under 18 system that includes the under 23 and under 21.

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