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Things to Know About Red Bull Racing F1 Team

Established in 2005, Red Bull is a Formula 1 constructor that has risen through the ranks in just over ten years as a standalone team. Red Bull F1 has become so successful in such a short span that it is now considered one of the Big Three and has already made an indelible mark on the world of motorsports.

If you are looking to bet and want to understand statistics and odds to do so, check out this article first. Here, we shall provide a summary into the world of motorsport betting, focusing on the Red Bull F1 team. Some helpful betting tips are also provided to help you get started.

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About Red Bull F1 Racing Team

Red Bull Racing F1 Team

It is an Austrian constructor and has won the F1 championship four times in a row, from 2010 to 2013. The team had a racing title in its first two years, after which it started racing under an Austrian license in 2007, using a Hondo powered Red Bull F1 car. It is one of the two Formula One teams owned by Red Bull GmbH, the other being Toro Rosso. For the season of 2021, the two drivers hired by Red Bull racing are Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon. Earlier, their golden run came during its time with Sebastian Vettel, who helped the constructor rise from being a “back-of-the-grid” manufacturer to become one of the most successful teams in current years.

Betting on Red Bull F1 Team

If you are looking to bet, there is no better time than now. This is because there are only two races left in the season and they would be trying hard to get as many points out of these as possible. Although the championship already belongs to Mercedes, there is still room for bettors to place bets and win money. Therefore, if you want to start betting, it is best to know the odds first.

Formula 1 Championship Winnings Odds

Here we list down the winning odds that you should keep in mind for the next race.

  • Lewis Hamilton – 7/4
  • Max Verstappen – 7/2
  • Valtteri Bottas – 9/2
  • Charles Leclerc – 5/1

These are the drivers that will be getting most of the action on the sportsbook and are most likely to win as well.

F1 Racing Winning Team Odds

Odds for the winning team is mentioned here.

  • Mercedes – ¾
  • Ferrari – 2/1
  • Red Bull Racing – 37/13
  • McLaren – 500/1

The team doesn’t have the best odds for winning. However, with Verstappen in the race, there is no telling how it is all going to fare out. So, if you win with it, you can really end up winning huge.

F1 Top 3 Finish Drivers

Odds for the drivers who are expected to win.

  • Lewis Hamilton – 7/4
  • Valtteri Bottas – 9/2
  • Max Verstappen – 7/2
  • Charles Leclerc – 5/1

Verstappen is by far Red Bull Racing F1 team’s best hope. Although the driver’s leaderboard is taken over by the two Mercedes drivers, there is still enough chance for Verstappen to get his points up and end the season on a high note. Currently, at 4th position, he can overtake Charles Leclerc of Ferrari and give Valtteri Bottas of Mercedes a run for his money.

Highlights of Red Bull F1 Team

This year hasn’t exactly gone Red Bull Formula 1 team’s way. Standing at number 3 this season, it has been the weakest of the Big three. With only 366 points this year, their racing is well behind Ferrari by 133 points and Mercedes by 339 points. But Verstappen is one of those rare gems which can turn the race around in a matter of only a few laps. To get a glimpse of his driving style, check out this video that shows how, even after a nightmarish start, he fought back with skill and determination.

Top Drivers in Red Bull

It has been an excellent year for both Max Verstappen and Alexander Albon, coming in at number 4 and number 6 respectively in the Driver’s Standings. However, fans would be expecting both drivers to take it up a notch in the last two rounds. Since there is nothing to lose, and everything to play for, all eyes would be on these two Red Bull F1 drivers.

Though there have been many drivers over the years, none has had more impact on the constructor’s rise than Sebastian Vettel.

Other Teams in Formula One Grand Prix

Of course, no Formula One Grand Prix would be complete without the mention of the various teams that participate in it. Although they have not been as successful as Red Bull F1, except for Mercedes and Ferrari, they do manage to give them fierce competition. From a bettor’s point of view, this is crucial information to know, especially when betting on the top teams. They are highlighted below:

Drivers in Red Bull

In conclusion, 2021 has been a decent year for Red Bull Racing. With two more races to come, the team would be looking to cash in as much as they can, and so will the bettors. Even if bettors don’t end up winning cash, they can still take home various merchandise such as souvenirs and tokens as mementoes for the 2021 F1 championship. The best way to bet is to ensure that you have all the information related to the drivers’ and constructors’ current performance and odds. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have enough information to get started and to bet on the last two races of the season.

Thank you for reading. We hope this info on the Red Bull Formula 1 team will help you.