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Gordon Murray unveils GMA T.50 ultimate dream car

Gordon Murray, the man who gave F1 the Brabham fan car and a whole collection of winning machines, has unveiled the successor to the iconic McLaren F1 he designed almost three decades ago.

Murray announced his dream car project, called the GMA T.50, over a year ago. But the then artistic sketches have now given way to a car that may well – like the McLaren F1 – rewrite the supercar rule book.

Designed from a clean sheet of paper – quite literally as Murray confesses he doesn’t use CAD – the T.50 is a three-seater, carbon fiber lightweight tub is powered by a tailor-engineered for GMA Cosworth 3.9-litre V12 engine producing 653bhp.

But wait, there’s more! The T.50 stunning pure lines are void of obtrusive or bulgy wings thanks to Murray relying on an aerodynamic floor and fan-driven ground effects, the concept of which harks straight back to the genial Briton’s Brabham BT46b fan car.

The price you ask? A cool $2.5 million, the price to pay for authentic excellence and access to the creative work of one of motorsport’s most iconic designers.


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